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Birthdate:May 21
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
♣♣♣♣♣♣ what's in a name?

Some say that she speaks in 14pt Times New Roman, and that keyboards everywhere live in fear that she will some day own them.
All we know is, she's called Kelza.
Born in [error 404: year not found] in the proud town of Town, in the nation of Country, she was raised by geese in a local park and brought up entirely on bread and Sainsbury's shopping trollies. On a whim she joined a band of Intergalactic Super Ninjas, followed the Philosophy of the Platypus and, using a cheese grater alone, grated her way to the top.
Boredom gives her headaches and she's ridiculously prone to boredom itself. It's said that when the moon is blue she can talk to badgers. Reality is a mere concept, as is normality. She's also a massive fan of Pink Floyd.
She spends her time watching endless Top Gear, Stargate and Futurama re-runs. If she isn't in front of the telly she can usually be found sat at her desk, typing ten bells out of her keyboard. She traded her life in for a novel idea (one which she has been working on for several months now) and fears that she may have to put her sanity on e-Bay in order to finish it.
Her theme song today is 'Lunatic's Lament', but it changes frequently. As does her favourite colour. Oh, and the shape of her nose, if you look very carefully.
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absurdity, adventure, animal cops, animal planet, animals, art, art nouveau, astrophysics, barclay james harvest, bathing, big cats, blackadder, books, brian blessed, bright colours, caravan, cars, cats, celtic mythology, cheese, cheese and onion, chobits, classical music, coffee, collecting books, comedy, creative writing, creativity, culture, david bedford, daydreaming, diaries, discovery science, doctor who, documentaries, dogs, douglas adams, drawing, dream interpretations, dreams, electric light orchestra, elo, fantasy, fantasy/adventure, father ted, flash gordon, folk music, german shepherd dogs, glowsticks, graphic design, gustav klimt, haruki murakami, hatfield and the north, history, james may, jazz, jazz fusion, jazz music, jeremy clarkson, journalling, kevin ayers, king crimson, kingdom hearts, learning, lions, literature, long way down, long way round, louis comfort tiffany, magners, manga, marc bolan, meteorology, mike oldfield, monty python, music, mythbusters, mythology, nanowrimo, nature, new age music, notebooks, opinions, oscar wilde, painting, patrick rothfuss, pets, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, planet earth, poetry, procrastinating, progressive rock, progrock, psychedelia, psychedelic art, psychology, pye hastings, rainbows, randomness, rats, reading, richard hammond, robert wyatt, roger dean, salvador dali, science, science fiction, scriptwriting, shelby ac cobras, short stories, soft machine, spike milligan, spore, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stargate universe, steve hillage, stories, storm chasers, storms, stormy weather, surrealism, syd barrett, t-rex, terry pratchett, the beatles, the canterbury sound, the mighty boosh, the sims, the vicar of dibley, tigers, top gear, tornadoes, traveling, travelling, trees, tumblr, unique, uniqueness, vincent van gogh, volkswagen beetles, volkswagen buses, weather, world music, writers, writing, yes
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