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  • Apr. 23rd, 2011 at 10:16 AM
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I did this meme ages ago and thought it might be interesting to do it again, to see how I've changed these last two years.

1- Elaborate on your default icon.
It's a section taken from the cover of a psychedelic compilation album called 'Insane Times', which is named after the wonderful Kevin Ayers' tune 'Song for Insane Times'.

2- What's your current relationship status?
Once again, not single! And again, I think someone's been fiddling with reality... probably my characters. The bastards.

3- Ever have a near-death experience?
Oh, let's see. I've lost count of the amount of times I've nearly been killed crossing the street. My home town (Portadown) has been bombed a couple of times - the first of which happened when I was a baby, shook a window loose, it swung shut and narrowly missed my head. That would have easily killed me. I nearly suffocated on calor gas as well when it was leaking in my Mum's motor home. And I've nearly choked on an ice cube when I was six.

4- Name an obvious quality you have.
I have a face. It's very facial in its appearance.

5- What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
'Song for Insane Times, because I mentioned it in the first question!

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A few weeks ago, I made mention in a post that I'd once been suspended from a school I never went to. It is quite an odd story; one which also highlights the aura of fail about the school I used to go to. So, since a few of you were interested in my tale, I thought I'd stop being mean and share it.

We wind the clocks back to February 2008, when I was still in Year Eleven and anticipating the end of high school. For a week during this term, the school was enrolling people from its own Y11 group into Sixth Form there. Back then, I didn't even know I was moving to Newton-le-Willows; it was in April 2008 that I went downstairs one morning and Dad said to me 'how do you fancy getting out of this place?'.

Anyway, back in February I was stuck in St. Helens for the foreseeable future, so I enrolled at Sutton High Sports College Sixth Form. I'd be stuck at that school for another two years, but I was exhiliarated that I'd at least got in; two more years there was worth it for a-levels that would at as leverage into university.

Fast-forward to April 2008. There was an incident in school in which my youngest brother Ashley, who'd only just turned thirteen, was rushed to A&E. For my Dad, this was the last straw. Somewhere between this entry and my next one, I came downstairs one morning to get ready and Dad asked me how I'd feel about moving school and house. Being at the end of my tether regarding my school and neighbourhood, I immediately said 'heck yes!'.

So, I completed my GCSEs at Sutton High, getting ten A*-C grades which meant I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a Sixth Form. I picked up my qualifications and then didn't think much of it; I waffled around all summer, writing and doodling and listening to Mike Oldfield. We viewed a couple of houses, including one very close to where I'd eventually end up living.

Up until this point, I was still going to Sixth Form in Sutton High. Only there was an issue: Art and English Language, both subjects I desperately wanted to do, clashed on the timetable that had been arranged. I didn't know what to do; I was too shy to storm into Miss Mansfield's office and demand the timetable be rearranged, and I didn't think I would be capable of transferring to a different Sixth Form and leaving everyone behind.

Eventually, though, I opted to make the change when Dad suggested St. Aelred's. Sutton High had been horrible to me and I wasn't going to stand for it any more. St. Aelred's had a good reputation and great teaching standard so I decided I'd go there instead. Dad phoned Mrs. Vernazza, assistant director of Sixth Form, who told me that Digital Photography was also available as a subject. I had an interview with her, which went very well, and they enrolled me on the spot. The rest, as the old cliché goes, is history.

The thing is, we contacted Sutton High about my change of plans, but it later transpired that they did bugger all about it. I technically remained a student there. I stayed on all their registers and everything. After a month or so at St. Aelred's, I started receiving letters. Written warnings for nonattendance. Second written warnings. Then an appointment with the head of Sixth Form at Sutton High. Then a final written warning.

And then, I was finally expelled from a school I never even went to. I have to say, it was bloody amusing. I could even see it as my last big 'sod you' to that horrible place!

It's quite weird, writing about events at the end of High School. One, because it happened so long ago and two, because I'm now approaching the time where I have to make yet another big change and go to university. But yeah, there you have it: how Kelza got expelled from a school she never attended.

Happy New Year!

  • Dec. 31st, 2010 at 11:59 PM
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I did a meme, as snagged from [ profile] wilky_wit. You probably know most of this already - though there are a few snippets of Kelza factdom that you probably don't. Anyway, this is my year summarised. I've had a deliriously good 2010, and I hope you'll have the same for 2011. As always, great to talk to you guys on here! I don't know where I'd be without you lot! (Alone on the Internet, I suppose...)

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