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Just a few more articles of mine that have made it into the paper...

Kirkfield Keith and the Mystery Medals and the 'Off the Bench' course premiere.

I had tremendous fun doing these! That's three good bylines this week - I must say I'm feeling pretty good about myself! Let's hope I can get a few good ones in next week as well - though I'll have to keep up the hard work!

I'm hoping to return to regular, almost-daily-and-super-long blogging quite soon. Maybe I'm still adjusting to this radically different new life of mine. I work nine until five, and then most evenings I go out with people. A few months ago, I had much more time to myself. I ought to allocate about half an hour at the end of each day, irrespective of what I've been up to, to updating my journal.


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Today's Thursday, which means that the latest issue of the St. Helens Star was released. Guess whose article ended up both in the paper and on the website?

This is big. Nay, this is huge for me. This is the first ever piece of writing I've ever had published, in all my years of scribbling. It's not the sort of writing I do normally, but it's still words, still penned by me. There's a piece of writing out there, being viewed by other people, with my name on it. On paper.

Under the cut: further bits and pieces have been published/Kelza's views on an increasingly impersonal society/she gets crushed on FFVII/how she plans to slay the Dreaded Phone )
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I'm going to stop confusing you all now and confirm that I'm actually sending an application for a work placement to the St. Helens Star, not the Reporter. Well, I say 'sending'... I actually e-mailed the guy last night, complete with CV. Since then, there's been no reply. I'm hoping for one early next week, preferably a 'yes'. If my application was rejected, I don't know what I'd do. Probably end up in a placement totally irrelevant to my aspirations.

Today was the handover ceremony! I got dressed up in my best clothes (read: what I normally wear but with trousers instead of jeans) but had a wee problem with shoes. I don't have any smart shoes; just tatty old canvas things and a couple of pairs of nice flip-flops. The flip-flops went fine with my outfit, but it's FEBRUARY OUTSIDE. I tried walking to the Club in them and my feet needed amputating. Thankfully I realised after a minute or two that I'd forgotten my phone - it gave me an excuse to go back.

Walking to and from the Club, I just wore my tatty old canvas shoes. During the ceremony, when looking smart was key, I wore the flip-flops. Problem solved!

I got there at about quarter to eleven. A few people were late (being at the mercy of Merseyside's erratic bus service). When everyone was present, we did a quick run-through of the jobs that needed doing, allocating jobs to team members.

MEETING GUESTS AT DOOR: Perry, Lewis, Ryan, Ant

Here's how it went... )
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It may interest you all to learn that I have recently sailed across the 1,000 journal entries milestone.

This is good. Very good. I have over 1,000 entries now, spanning three/four years of my life. And probably over a hundred A4 pages of handwritten journal still waiting to be typed. Holes to be filled in, and all that jazz.

It's encouraging, especially in the light of my recent lack of activity on here. I see just how far I've come and it spurs me on. Here's to another three/four years, and another thousand entries?

To celebrate, an amusing story from the other night.

On Friday, I got back from St. Helens absolutely knackered. I'd been to a nightclub with Anna the previous night, and had slept on a duvet on Anna's friend's floor. You can probably appreciate how tired I was. So I survived Friday, came home, loafed about and had an early night. I got to sleep at about 9PM.

The next thing I knew, I was sat up in the dark, on the phone. A male voice, who I was unable to recognise through the fog of exhaustion, was talking on the other end. Apologising for phoning me up. I mumbled a farewell and he hung up. Lay down. Realised what had just happened, and sat up again. I couldn't - and still can't - recall the phone ringing. Or picking it up for that matter. One minute I was dozing off and the next - boom! I was on the phone.

Turns out it was Alex. God knows what he phoned for. If he'd phoned accidentally he would have immediately hung up, rather than stay on the line and let me answer. As for me, I clearly sleep-answered. It's not the first time I've done stuff in my sleep.

You never know, I could be asleep right now. *shifty eyes*

I will be in an hour or so, anyway. I'm off to bed! Later, chaps, and sweet dreams to you all!

*Taps Microphone* ... Is This Thing On?

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I'm so out of practice with this whole journalling thing that I can't even remember how to start an entry. The keyboard is an alien surface beneath my hands. And I certainly can't explain all the faces out there staring at me, with an expression that says Where the hell have you been, Kelza? You just went quiet! Explain!

Apparently Kelza went on her week's residential with them there Prince's Trust guys. But she's back now, with all her limbs (plus some extra), a wealth of new experiences and a habit of communicating in third person.

So, yeah. The residential. I'm back from it. What have I learned?
  1. Some people that I might normally dismiss as 'chavs' are really not that bad. This week I had the greatest laughs ever with people I'd normally avoid like the plague. No exaggeration.
  2. It only takes two weeks to feel like part of a family.
  3. Being a leader during a teamwork task is marvellous fun and a brilliant challenge.
  4. Abseiling is bloody scary.
Yes, I abseiled. How far? Sixty feet, down a sheer rock face. I cried a bit at the very top (the scariest part), and then going down I was laughing like a madwoman, and occasionally cursing the physics that dictated if I sat upright in the harness I should careen straight into a cliff.

But that will come later. I'm going to write a memoir thing of my residential, because it certainly isn't something I want to forget. It may be a while before I get it up, so all I can do for now is assure you that, considering the many highs and lows, it was still utterly fantastic, and I'm sad it's over. Living with those people, every single one of them, has been an absolute joy. What a laugh it was!
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Well, there's some mixed news here. I'll start with the bad news first so the good news has more impact. The last thing I need right now is to fall into the Swirling Pits of Pessimism - and I certainly don't want to drag anyone down with me.

So, let's get it over with... I got Es in both Art and Photography. I want to resit Art but I've no idea how to go about that. I'm going into school again tomorrow to sort my courses for next year out (the place was hectic and I frankly just wanted to get home to mope in peace) so I'll ask when I see Mrs. Vernazza then.

This means that I'll probably be in Sixth Form for another two years to make sure I get all my grades needed for university.

Now for the semi-bad: I got a D in my English Language exam. I got an A in the coursework (original writing), which makes my overall grade a C. Satisfactory, but I feel I could have done a lot better. Again, a possible resit.

Now for the good news: I got a gold award in both English Language and Literature! It says on the back of the certificate:
"One pupil is nominated from each teaching group for attainment and one for achievement. The attainment award is for the pupil whose work is of the highest standard in the group and the achievement award is for the pupil who has made the most progress based on their effort and application. Few pupils achieve gold awards and any pupil who gains one can be extremely proud of the recognition they have achieved."
And last but not least, my English Literature overall grade. This one totally makes up for my flop in Art and Photography.

I got an A. An A! I am so unbelievably chuffed with that.

See? I saved the best news for last as a pick-me-up. As a result, I am not a gibbering mess on the floor.

I think the problem I had with Art and Photography, as I've said many times before, is the fact that there was so much work to do, and I wasn't putting the necessary effort in. I'm stupidly lazy. Not only that, but I didn't anticipate when I started the course how much work it would be. So, if I can resit, I'm going to give it my all.

This next point is sort of related to next year. I now have a desk lamp, so I can pretty much work throughout the day and have sufficient lighting at night. And while I have one of those irritating little windows above my door (one of the things that prevented me pulling all-nighters in my room), I'm just going to whack a piece of board over it. In my old house, if ever I had my bedroom light on when Dad was asleep, he'd know and I'd get told off for waking him up. Hence the many nights where I'd sit up for about an hour, waiting for him to start snoring, so I could creep downstairs to work.

Next year I'll be able to do all my computer/internet stuff during the day, get that shifted, and do any handwritten work or art coursework in extra time and by night.

If this year was tough, next will probably be hell; there's no denying it. But today was my wake-up call. I thought I could get by on talent alone - and yes, while I have the potential to get an A, I've been neglecting something: talent only flourishes with effort. I have talent. Teachers have told me I could easily get an A. I just need to put the work in.

Come on, year thirteen! Let's tango!


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