Eccentricity in St. Helens? Twitter says AYE!

  • Dec. 16th, 2010 at 10:40 PM
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I found out today that Syfy are axeing Stargate Universe. Only two seasons were filmed, and they've cut it off just as the plot was starting to get really good, heading in some kind of direction. It must have been a shock to some of the actors who only found out today via. the Internet (David Blue being one; he found out through his fans on Twitter) - and it was a shock for me as well because I thought it had the potential to go on for another two seasons at least. The plot had evolved in such a way that it would be possible.

I don't know what Syfy are playing at, but this has left a good deal of irked fans, myself included, wondering from whence this decision has come.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be sleeping over at the lovely Holly's! Bllimey, it's been a long time since anyone's seen her. I'm hoping my Flash Gordon DVD will arrive in time for such tomfoolery because then we have something awesome to watch while we stuff our faces.

Getting there, as you know, will be a problem. Sure, it's as simple as getting a bus then getting off at the right place. My navigational skills are deplorable. It took me two hours once to find a theatre that was only five minutes away from where I was. Literally. I am the kind of girl who could get a bus from the High Street, ask for Lowton, and end up in Zimbabwe and Sweden AT THE SAME TIME.

I feel I must talk about my writing progress. 'The Chronicles of Stan', regrettably, has gone nowhere for the past couple of days. I mustn't give up, however; this is a novel that I am adamant I'll complete, and the same goes for 'The Great Couch Happening of '69'. I suppose it's just that after all the NaNo madness, my brain has gone a bit slack. It's like running a marathon and feeling afterwards like you could spend a month in bed. My brain's a bit dead.

I've decided that I'll write Book Two of the 'Chronicles' some time next year, once I've polished off 'The Great Couch Happening'. Book Three of the 'Chronicles' will be written probably some way into my second year of university, after I've had a good sampling of uni life; enough to write in such a setting. Thankfully each one of the books is fairly short as novels go, so I can easily work them in around larger, non-NaNo projects of the same scale as 'The Great Couch Happening'. And NaNo novels, in fact. One book of the 'Chronicles' takes me about seventeen days to write.

This means I'll have to start planning for Book Two - by planning, I mean come up with a 'what if' question, then a title that's of no relation whatsoever to that question, write a whole load of random crap and then make it relevant as the story goes along. And that, in a nutshell, is how I write stuff.

Now, owing to tomorrow's appointment with the lovely Job Centre people, I must go and get some kip. Thankfully I have enough money for transport and records amounting to £10. And for some reason, I am tempted to attend said appointment with one of those Christmas cracker crown things on top of my sort-of-bowler-hat-that-isn't-a-bowler-hat-but-looks-like-one-anyway. The Twitterverse seems to be agreeing with me...

On a musical note, my recent pillaging from Amazon earned me £2 of credit on the MP3 store. It might not seem much, but when you really dig deep and have a good poke around, you can find some worthy gems; albums at less than two quid. I got my mitts on Terry Riley's 'A Rainbow in Curved Air', a very influential piece from the mid-Sixties. I remember reading about it in Mike Oldfield's autobiography and thinking 'blimey! I really have to listen to that!' - so now I have it. When I've got the dosh, I'll get the CD.

That seems to be the way with my musical journey. I hear artists' names in connection with artists I've already experienced, and check them out. Mike Oldfield put me onto David Bedford and Kevin Ayers, who put me onto a whole army of bands from the Canterbury scene, who put me onto other bands because they worked with people from said bands, and so on and so forth. It seems like the Prog genre is one big family; everybody's worked with everybody. It's bloody marvellous!


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