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  • Jul. 4th, 2011 at 4:26 PM
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Just a quick update on new and forthcoming adventures in the world of Kelza: Journalist, Bereted Warrior, Eccentric of the Star. I didn't know these things were coming up for me this morning otherwise I would have written about them in my last couple of entries.

First and foremost, the latest Harry Potter film is coming out soon, and I've been tasked with attempting to track down David Yates, the St Helens-born director, for an interview. Apparently this guy is really hard to get hold of and you can see why, working on such a high-profile film. The media must be swarming all over him. Steve and Steven (ah, colleagues with similar names!) have recommended I try through the production company. Wish me luck!

Second, and not so high profile but still bloody exciting, is a potential interview with 'One-Armed Wonder' Keith Xander. Keith is frontman for Xander and the Peace Pirates, a band who are popular on the 'net and have just celebrated the release of their debut album with an Irish tour. Amazingly, and as you can probably tell by his nickname, Keith only has one arm. And he can play guitar.

Awesome, right? I was going to go see them at the Zoo Bar on July 15 anyway as they're the first act ever to grace Zoo's weekly Strongbow Stage music night, they sound awesome (they play a groovy blend of funky soul and rock) and the gig is free entry. So I'll have the chance to talk to Keith, find out how the heck he manages to play guitar so well with one arm (he uses a hook-like apparatus, so I've read, but I can't imagine how it might work) and get a cracking interview for a piece! Then I can see the gig, do a review, and there's my foot in the door for concert reviewing! Hooray!

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job?


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