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Today was the induction for The Prince's Trust. First day ever, and with it came some pretty gutting news.

I won't be able to work at the ExtraCare shop like I used to. Normally I'd work there every day, Monday to Friday, even though I was only down for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I love it there that much. Dad's going in tomorrow to let them know that I'll be mostly absent for thirteen weeks. I may still be able to work on Saturdays, but that means there are a lot of people I won't see. Chris and Geraldine, Mary and the others whose names elude me. There are a lot of people there who I adore who only work during the week, and even then only limited days. This is the only reason I want my thirteen weeks of The Prince's Trust to zip past. Because the people in that shop are bloody marvellous.

But we'll put that topic to bed, now. Dad can do his thing tomorrow, and I'll go in on Saturday to chat with Dawn about it. I need to make it clear that I'm not abandoning them entirely and that once these thirteen weeks are up, I'm back in there like a shot, plus my Prince's Trust experience.

Anyway, how did it go...? )

Before I go, I thought I'd point you all to a little community known as [ profile] literaryurgency - based on Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way', a book which in simplest terms aims to help the reader unlock the creativity within them, shut up the doubts that say 'it isn't good enough!' and get some work done on creative pursuits. It's a twelve-week course, so when you think you have some time, scuttle over and download the PDF version of the book they have posted up there! In the meantime, I'll be keeping you all updated on my progress.

Today, I've only really written my Morning Pages. These are three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing that should ideally be done in the morning as a way of shifting all your worries before moving on to the actual creative stuff. Quality doesn't matter; it's all about exorcising your demons before the day begins. Today I did mine a tad late, I'll admit (around eight at night), but tomorrow I plan on taking full advantage of the hour-and-a-bit journey to Windlehurst Community Centre.

As for the pages? I might share them. Eventually. Depends on how personal the worries are, really.


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