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An apology is probably in order for my horrendous consistency over the last month or so. According to my LiveJournal, which you might call the 'terminal' of all my scribblings, I haven't posted much since the "Tom incident".

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Apologies about any formatting issues this entry might have, by the way. This is an e-mail post and I can't quite remember how I used to lay them out so they'd look alright on my LiveJournal. I hope everyone's having an awesome life, and I'm sorry I haven't been updating much! Just know that I have a mass of typed up and handwritten backdated entries to get up - you're not rid of me yet!

I have to learn how to do things by e-mail post like change my userpic, add tags, privacy settings and the like. Happily there's nothing in here that I want to hide from the world!
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I've only had three Magners - three! - and I'm quite sozzled. Perhaps not so much next time unless I want to wipe my memory entirely clean. Already I feel the night's events drifting off into an ocean (or, in my case, a puddle) of cider. To be young and Irish!

Thus my haste in getting it all down while I still can. Must not forget the good times. I really ought to just have a cup of tea next time round.

Anyway, the events of the night. I went out to the bus at around half seven this time to catch the 8:07 - which would have been fine, had I been wearing a coat and proper shoes. I stood there trembling for about half an hour until the bus finally came.

When I arrived at the Running Horses, a horrific experience - I couldn't find Jason, or Lee, or indeed any of the people who'd been there last time. I texted Jason, who confirmed that they were still on their way, and then went to wait outside - the place was full and there was nowhere to sit. I entertained myself much as I had while waiting for the bus - by reading Wodehouse's 'Carry On, Jeeves' to pass the time.

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After the presentation night, most of us (including Vicky, Tim, Barry and Jason, as well as Anna's friend Stu) went to the Running Horses, a lovely Wetherspoons pub next to Cineworld in St. Helens. Anna, Dave, Perry, Matty, Lewis, Ryan, William, Steph (William's highly excitable friend) and myself were also there.

We all had a couple of celebratory drinks here, and a bit of banter. Perry was talking about his own presentation, spouting his usual yet amusing egocentric nonsense about how his was the best and then Stu shot him down.

"I think Kelsey's was the best. Come on, she made a reference to speaking in third person while speaking in third person. It was genius!"

Heck to the yes - you can't beat zany intellectual humour!

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