Ah, the Joys of a Short To-Do list...

  • Jul. 6th, 2011 at 11:05 AM
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Tis indeed a quiet day. I've almost cleared out my inbox now, I've not got many stories on the to-do list and I'm just enjoying a cup of fruit tea courtesy of Steve - some rather nice hibiscus, spearmint, cherries, orange peel concoction that wakes you right up. Apparently he got it from Holland & Barrett so methinks I'll have to get some.

Anna cancelled on needing me for decorating. I'm glad she did so before I went out and bought a whole new set of acrylics, as I would have raided The Works and bought a complete set of those big £2.99 tubes; that, along with tomorrow's bus ticket, would have put me back by £50 and that's the last thing I need.

TNG must owe me nearly £70, now, from bus ticket refunds. Not their fault, of course; I've often been too focused on work at the Star to go back there for refunds.

Let me see, what else can I waffle about to pass the time? I'm after a new sketchbook like the old ones I had - the ones that college so graciously chucked out - to restart my art project. I want one that's A3, hardback, coilbound (they're by far the coolest!) but I don't know where in St Helens to acquire such a thing. Normally I rely on Amazon but I'd like my sketchbook LYK NAO.

Wilkinson's is a definite no-no. They only sell the sketchpads where the pages are designed to be torn out. Last time I checked WHSmith their A3 coilbound sketchbooks weren't hardback. I'm not sure if Ryman's would have what I'm looking for, though their prices are good, and Rennie's is bloody expensive, though it might have what I'm after.

If this goes well, I might try buying more sketchbooks to illustrate other works of fiction. It would really help me to go places as an illustrator if I had four, maybe five good sketchbooks to show. I could do '1984', 'The Soft Machine', 'Waiting for Godot', 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'... plus my own novels!

Guess Who Isn't In a Tent Right Now?

  • May. 14th, 2011 at 7:54 PM
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The camping trip never happened. Public transport to Helsby would have cost us a fortune, and the only time we could hitch a lift was Friday morning - since I had work on Friday, and Jason had a college then hospital appointment, it just wasn't doable.

Unfortunately, all this came to light after I'd bought a tent, double sleeping bag and some provisions for the weekend. I was left over £50 out of pocket.

Ah well - at least I still have it for when I go to Ireland. My stepdad Geoffrey suggested we camp up Slieve Donard one summer, so I've got part of what we'll need already. Plus there's nothing to say I can't kidnap Jason and take him to Ireland one summer; he could tag along!

As a result, I've had to change my plans for this weekend. As is usually the case when an exciting plan falls through, I had to think of something to compensate. Something that would keep me busy and distract me from the thoughts of what could have been. I got thinking pondering wondering and decided that I'd work on gathering a little compilation of my best writing to give to Jason, since I've told him so much and shown him - well, nothing. It would be nice to see him read some of my work; to gauge his reaction.

I also went on a job today, interviewing a local fellow for the paper. Eddie McConville, 80, has been involved in voluntary work all his life - he helped found his local residents' association when that kind of thing was unheard of. He's got an affinity for animals and has always helped to rehome sick and neglected animals. He's worked with the young and the old, forging vital links between the community, the housing association and the police force. He's got over 35 years of experience to his name, and today he's been given a Volunteering Award during an event that marks the beginning of Adult Learners' Week.

And you know what? He was so humble. So modest about his achievements; he managed to talk about his work in a way that suggested such selflessness was innate for him, and yet had not a trace of self-righteousness about him. He had some fascinating tales to tell, at that; it was a joy interviewing him. I just hope I can write a cracking article now that does him justice.

So yep, that's pretty much been my day. Other than that, I've been looking forward to Monday (Jason and I are going out when I'm done with work), watching Planet Earth with Nathan (and doing our obligatory running commentaries) and watching Neil Gaiman's episode of Doctor Who - which was fantastic, by the way; exactly the kind of episode I love and a definite improvement on last week's.

I haven't posted in a few days so I suppose I ought to do a few retrospective entries... Thursday and Friday were entirely different beings so it's not hard to differentiate between the events.

One bonus point of not going camping, before I shoot off to do those: Anna texted me last night saying how cold it was - well, I was bloody freezing just being in my own house. I am ridiculously vulnerable to the cold. I think if we had been able to go, I would have spent the whole day huddled up against Jason, frozen and trembling. Not that he would have complained. :)
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Wow! I thought I was tripping out last night when I logged on and saw the little bar at the top of people's journals had changed, but apparently LiveJournal have been tinkering again. I'm on the fence about this latest edit; I don't really give a toss either way.

Last night, Anna invited Jason and I to a weekend bike rally with live music and alcohol. Great, thought I, remembering the two-man tent we had sitting around at home. Why not?

I was really up for it. Motorbikes, music and booze; come on, that's my idea of heaven. With added Jason, so it's actually better than heaven. I made a note to myself to check the tent in the morning to make sure all the bits were there and went to bed.

We don't even have the buggering tent any more.

When we lived in the old house, one of the local dweebs ruined it. Son of Eight; that kid couldn't let anyone have something he didn't have. Apparently he got in one day, jumped around inside and tore right through one of the walls.

So now I have to fork out for a reasonably-priced tent. If I'm honest, I'm a little bit irked as I hadn't expected that I'd need to spend anything on a tent. I thought I'd only be paying the £15 admission and then booze money. But because one little twerp got selfish a couple of years ago, I'm going to have to dig into my bank account. Again.

I think Wilkinson's might sell affordable tents - especially the big shop they have in St Helens that's right by the office. If not, there's that huge cash-and-carry on Baxter's Lane, Just the Job. That place is fantastic! I just need to find out when it closes to see if I can get there on time.

Happily, I'm going to TNG today to have two more bus tickets refunded. So I won't be as out-of-pocket as expected. What I get refunded should cover admission money and a tenner for booze, which is more than what I typically spend at the pub anyway.

It'll all be worth it, though, without a doubt. It'll be mine and Jason's first whole weekend together!
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I had to take the day off work today. I wasn't ill, no... we had it sprung on us last night that the rewiring would (finally!) be done today.

You may not think that merits a day off. In most circumstances, where said employee isn't the head of household and head of household has no pressing engagements that day, it doesn't. I cleared all the space around my walls last night, thinking that would be adequate. This morning, half an hour before I was due to leave, the electricians showed up.

Apparently my efforts weren't enough. )

Well, *This* is Blinking Well Baffling!

  • Apr. 13th, 2011 at 11:53 PM
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Just to let you all know, I've been on an employability course called TNG for a few days, hopefully starting back at the St Helens Star on Friday. It's all jolly good stuff, but it'll come in due time.

This post, my friends, is Jason-centric.

"Again?!" you may cry, slamming your fists down on your computer desks. "What of the novel? And you have yet to prove to us all that you can actually draw!"

Well, that stuff's been going on too. But, like my TNG and upcoming Star continuation, separate posts. Besides, I'm too bloody chuffed to fixate on any of that for now.

Kelza's accidental, eccentric charm works again... without the question marks this time! )
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After the presentation night, most of us (including Vicky, Tim, Barry and Jason, as well as Anna's friend Stu) went to the Running Horses, a lovely Wetherspoons pub next to Cineworld in St. Helens. Anna, Dave, Perry, Matty, Lewis, Ryan, William, Steph (William's highly excitable friend) and myself were also there.

We all had a couple of celebratory drinks here, and a bit of banter. Perry was talking about his own presentation, spouting his usual yet amusing egocentric nonsense about how his was the best and then Stu shot him down.

"I think Kelsey's was the best. Come on, she made a reference to speaking in third person while speaking in third person. It was genius!"

Heck to the yes - you can't beat zany intellectual humour!

The Chronicles of That There Night After the Presentation )


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