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I have made like a genius and made a whole bunch of Amazon orders... mere days before Christmas. Consequently, my inbox has been quiet these past few days, save for the odd bit of spam e-mail here and there. The only e-mail from Amazon is one that begins with 'due to the adverse weather conditions...' yadda yadda. You can pretty much write the rest yourself.

Where have I been, this past week or so? Well, I was stranded in Lowton for the first three days, Due to the Adverse Weather Conditions. The rest of it I've spent working at the shop, watching Bleach, attempting to write... and generally doing anything but writing on here.

So here I am. Back. With a vengeance? No. More like with a slightly sore stomach.

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Right, people! Now that I'm done waffling about myself, what can I do for you lot this Christmas? Would you like to see some artwork up here (as it's been literally years since I've done anything worth posting)? Would you like to see more writing being posted, perhaps? Tales of my musical conquests? Anything else? Harass me. You have my permission.
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I've done a rudimentary clean-up job for the night's work. Tonight, darling readers, is the night that I get back into writing again. I did a little work (read: one paragraph) whilst in Ireland but was generally too distracted for much - I had to make the most of my time there, after all - and the few days after coming back, my heart just wasn't in it.

Smiller's party was two days ago; the TV/Film themed one, anyway. I didn't go to the GaGa themed one - parties traditionally leave me crippled for three days so two in a row would have been pushing it a bit. I managed to finish my hat (le joys!) and my costume was as follows...
  • Aforementioned hat.
  • "Swiss cheese" armwarmers in pink + black stripes.
  • Burgundy floral shirt with frilly cuffs + collar.
  • Flared jeans shortened by four inches.
  • Floral waistcoat in pale greens + pinks.
  • Green patterned shoes.
Technically it was a fancy dress party, but I was one of the most dressed up there. Most people just wore your typical casual party stuff, or were in fancy dress but you could hardly tell. For my first fancy dress party, I think I did good. I made a convincing Mad Hatter, and most of the stuff was straight out of my own wardrobe. The sirt and the waistcoat were together less than a fiver - huzzah for charity shops! - and everything else not handmade was bought ages ago.

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