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I'm now, yet again, completely unable to post to LiveJournal - the Internet has been cut off. But it's totally worth it; this time it's not because we can't afford extortionate bills, or TalkTalk are simply being cretins... this time, the Internet's down because we are finally transferring to Sky broadband.

Admittedly I won't have much time to enjoy the glory of high speed Internet, run well at affordable prices, as I'm going to Ireland soon, but at least we're away from the vile ISP that caused us so much trouble.

Jason's sleeping over at mine today. I was at his yesterday and for once Dave wasn't there! We were alone for most of the evening and the routine was pretty much the same - we had tea, then tea, stuffed our faces and watched a film - this time 'Misery', based on the Stephen King novel. All I can say is if I ever get a book published, I'll make sure it's shit so I don't have any rabid fans like Annie Wilkes.

One thing we did get out of that film was we discovered Liberace - or more correctly, the origin of the background music on the blind cave salamander level of that bizarre Earthworm Jim game he's downloaded for the Wii. The music that's playing when Annie Wilkes lovingly hobbles Paul Sheldon is the same music that the game has on that level. So that's the mystery of the unfitting Earthworm Jim game music solved! Hooray!

We have engineers at the Star office today from BT OpenReach, doing some work in regards to work's Internet equipment. I was told I could leave if it got too noisy for me to work but so far the noise hasn't been too bad. I've also not been receiving many phone calls, which is odd as I normally get the bulk of them. I think a quiet phone day is in order anyway as I try to get stories written as best as I can without using the phone.

Even if they aren't making much noise now, I'd rather leave the phone for a day and just write all my articles in 'framework' form, so I can make all the necessary calls when we don't have anyone in working. Knowing my luck, as soon as I pick the phone up to make a call, the drilling and hammering will begin and I won't be able to hear a thing.

I think I'm going to go out in about ten minutes anyway to have a break - I'll probably read in the library for a wile before coming back for my lunch. I still have soup and a baguette upstairs and I'm starving!


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