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Today's been a rather productive day. I tidied up the living room, took a lot of my stuff back upstairs, brushed then hoovered the floor, and now it's looking a lot better. Like, we seem to have acquired all this magical floor space out of nowhere. Hopefully we can keep it that way.

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My meeting with Vicky has been rescheduled for Wednesday after work, which means that Jason will be tagging along - it'll be a nice little reunion! One with lots of teasing about, as Vicky put it, mine and Jason's 'love affair'. Should be interesting.

I seem incapable of typing today; I've just had to amend three typos in that first paragraph. Anyway...

Work's been quite busy the past few days. I've been trying to keep organised and on top of things but I've got so much going on at once that things have just blurred together - if you were to ask me about something that stood out I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Dad asked me to buy a couple of throws for the living room today. Our settee and armchairs are in horrendous condition and I guess he's just feeling a little awkward about letting Jason visit when they're in that state - not that he'd admit anything of the sort. So I went looking around... and if I'm honest, he can bugger off. I'm getting disastrously short on cash as it is without spending £24.99 and two lots of £17.99 (that's £60.97 in total) on the cheapest throws I can find that will cover our furniture. And I know there's no way he'd ever pay that back.
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Okay, in total contrast to what I said in an earlier entry, I have not yet returned to my regular blogging schedule.

The reason is this: while I am very much enjoying my life right now, it's very much the same old stuff every week. Work from nine til five every day. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Jason. Occasionally I spend the night at his. And when something different does happen, a-la-Wales Comic Con, I'm usually too tired from the normal routine to do any sort of write-up about it.

This needs to change. My journal, one of the things I'm most fond of; the longest piece of writing I've ever done and indeed the longest project I remain held to, is suffering. My novels and artwork, too. On three days of the week, I'm busy from nine in the morning until almost midnight.

So how should I remedy this problem? Quit my job and miss out on those two more months of experience I could glean from it? I wouldn't just lose that - I'd most likely be sanctioned by the Job Centre and that would mean farewell income for the next few months. Do I stop spending as much time with Jason? To do so would break my heart - and with me going to Ireland in a few months, every moment I get with him is more precious than my life.

No. What I need to start doing is start making productive use of my dead time. There are bus rides and moments in work where I find myself thumb-twiddling. Lunch hours where I could escape the office for a bit, find a bench and scribble. I can even dedicate an hour or two when I get back from being with Jason. And this is all without weekends entering the equation.

Ideally, I'd like to dedicate three hours to my novel every day. But I can sink as low as two for now, until I'm in Ireland and I won't be able to spend as much time with Jason. I think I'll need the novel more when I'm over there, anyway, as distraction from how much I'll be missing him and everyone else.

So here I am, and journalling. What can I waffle about?

I've finally plucked up the courage to ask Dad if Jason can come over next Sunday. It's Holly's annual charity walk and he's coming along for that anyway, so I thought it might be nice if he could come back here afterwards.

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