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Okay, in total contrast to what I said in an earlier entry, I have not yet returned to my regular blogging schedule.

The reason is this: while I am very much enjoying my life right now, it's very much the same old stuff every week. Work from nine til five every day. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Jason. Occasionally I spend the night at his. And when something different does happen, a-la-Wales Comic Con, I'm usually too tired from the normal routine to do any sort of write-up about it.

This needs to change. My journal, one of the things I'm most fond of; the longest piece of writing I've ever done and indeed the longest project I remain held to, is suffering. My novels and artwork, too. On three days of the week, I'm busy from nine in the morning until almost midnight.

So how should I remedy this problem? Quit my job and miss out on those two more months of experience I could glean from it? I wouldn't just lose that - I'd most likely be sanctioned by the Job Centre and that would mean farewell income for the next few months. Do I stop spending as much time with Jason? To do so would break my heart - and with me going to Ireland in a few months, every moment I get with him is more precious than my life.

No. What I need to start doing is start making productive use of my dead time. There are bus rides and moments in work where I find myself thumb-twiddling. Lunch hours where I could escape the office for a bit, find a bench and scribble. I can even dedicate an hour or two when I get back from being with Jason. And this is all without weekends entering the equation.

Ideally, I'd like to dedicate three hours to my novel every day. But I can sink as low as two for now, until I'm in Ireland and I won't be able to spend as much time with Jason. I think I'll need the novel more when I'm over there, anyway, as distraction from how much I'll be missing him and everyone else.

So here I am, and journalling. What can I waffle about?

I've finally plucked up the courage to ask Dad if Jason can come over next Sunday. It's Holly's annual charity walk and he's coming along for that anyway, so I thought it might be nice if he could come back here afterwards.

The problem? Our house is a tip. )
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Regarding the Royal Publicity Stunt Wedding, JUST GO AWAY. I mean, congrats on getting married and all and thanks for the bank holiday (LIE IN TOMORROW, CHAPS <3) but I don't need, and indeed have never needed, every detail of the event shoved down my throat. We've been inundated with local stories regarding the wedding so even in work I'm not safe. ARGH. When it's over, I'll be happy.

Well, apart from the obvious lack of bank holidays. But at least my sense of the days will return. All these long weekends with Easter and the Publicity Stunt have totally screwed up my mind - and not in the good, usual way. I just don't know what day it is any more.

I haven't updated in a good few days, so what has the Kelza been up to? Aside from referring to herself in the third person and using the same old gag again, I've been switching back to good ol' first, working, hanging out with Jason and being banished from my house. The place has finally been rewired.

While I'm in desperate need of a kip (I'm back from the pub quiz and it's late here), I'll just leave you with a list of entries to come. Also handy so I can refer to them during the weekend's catch-up.
  1. Monday: Day in watching films with Jason (and indeed ruining them with my usual running commentary - funny stuff was said)
  2. Wednesday: The Late, Great Rewiring Adventure and Subsequent Jam Night
  3. Thursday: Being given more ambitious work; plasterers; I suck at shopping (refraining from, that is) and the pub quiz.
And on that bombshell, I'm off to clear my mattress so I can go the military way. I say 'mattress' because I no longer have a bed. My choice; on Wednesday, rather than put my bed back where it belonged, I just thought 'sod it' and threw it out. No more incessant creaking! No more worrying about Thelma getting under the bed and never coming out, because the term 'under the bed' is now invalid in my room! Huzzah!

Oh - right, where was I? Oh yes. Sleep. Ah, the joys of it!
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I had to take the day off work today. I wasn't ill, no... we had it sprung on us last night that the rewiring would (finally!) be done today.

You may not think that merits a day off. In most circumstances, where said employee isn't the head of household and head of household has no pressing engagements that day, it doesn't. I cleared all the space around my walls last night, thinking that would be adequate. This morning, half an hour before I was due to leave, the electricians showed up.

Apparently my efforts weren't enough. )

New House: Day the Second

  • Aug. 21st, 2009 at 7:17 PM
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The end of my second full day is drawing near. The sun's setting as I write this; it's quite a sight. My window faces west, so the sun sets outside of it. And with the road being nice and wide, I can see a lot of sky from my room, which means in the evenings I have a spectacular view of the sunset.

Two days in and I still feel a little weird in a new house. But it doesn't feel as weird or oppressive as my old house did. When I lived there, I was picked on an awful lot and there was a lot of stress regarding the local area - so in moving, I've put all that behind me. Dad's much happier here, as well, and I have a bigger room with bigger windows. I don't feel claustrophobic any more. It still feels odd because most of my stuff remains packed and I'm still adjusting, but it's better.

Music's helping an awful lot. Huzzah for stealage of Dad's stereo. I've got Kevin Ayers and the Whole World's 'Lunatic's Lament' playing right now, listening to Mike Oldfield unleash that blistering guitar solo. I've worked a little on the novel but it's proving hard to get back into. I just planned chapter fifteen and the start of sixteen.

Anyway, here's some bedroom/college supplies waffling )
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Ergh. Results day today. I don't know whether I should be excited or shitting myself right now. Last school year, there were times where I really didn't put as much work in as I should have had, but only in Art and Photography. Those are the two subjects that are worrying me the most right now. English Language and Literature not so much; I gave them all I've got, but I'd still like four good AS-Levels to secure a place at a university somewhere.

Guess what, people? I am officially writing to you all from Newton-le-Willows. We've officially moved. I'm sitting on my bed, a desk beside me and a pile of bags by the opposite wall. The walls are hideous - my fault for shredding the paper - and there's still so much to do before I can call it home but you know what? It feels damn good.

Right now, Dad and Nathan are off to the old place to gather up the last of our possessions. Most of our stuff is here, but we left behind Dad's model boats, my brothers' RC cars (they have a fleet of them) and a shelving unit where we normally keep the DVDs and PS2/Wii games. They should be back soon... I was getting up as they left and since then I've had time to find my missing hairbrush to tame my developing afro, take more of my junk upstairs, make a coffee and write up to here on this entry.

So, what else do I need to do on le bedroom? I need to finish stripping the wallpaper off. That should take a couple of hours. I need a nice, thick carpet because my feet hate wooden flooring and my ears hate how noisy it is. To get this in (and to strip/paint my walls) I'll have to get everything out and then back in again... You should have seen me trying to get my furniture arranged yesterday. It was madness (madness...? IT - WAS - SPAAARTAAAAA!)

Well, the priority for now then is walls and flooring. I have a temporary blind, at least (my bed's high for a low-sleeper and next to the window so the whole world can see me now) and bedding can wait.

Y'know, as bizarre as being in a new house is, I slept like the dead last night. I was a little uneasy at first but once I was out of it, I was out of it. Wow... that's the first decent sleep I've had in literally a week!

The gas company are coming to sort us out today so my 'eeew no bath for weeks' point is officially invalid. I think I'll have a good long soak tonight to say goodbye to one hell of a chaotic week.

Now that moving's out of the way I can focus on my beloved novel again! I'll ease myself back into it later by reading my previous chapter, having a quick flick through my notes, and I'll only do two pages. There's still a lot to do around the house today so I won't be able to manage much.


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