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Yesterday I was up at the miraculously early time of 9:30am, but only because I'd asked Dad to wake me up for the Saturday flea market. It had been ages since I'd gone, so I thought I'd have a gander and see what was on offer, maybe pick up a few records.

All four of us went; Dad because he needs a crowbar to complete his Gordon Freeman Halloween costume sort out the fence (he's still planning on getting a German Shepherd, but as you'll recall the rescue people who did the home visit said our fence wasn't secure enough on Crazy Dope Guy's side), Nathan for the walk, and Ashley because he's still got a tenner burning a hole in his pocket since his 17th birthday last month.

Dad got his crowbar, Ashley had an embarrassing incident in which he bought a full-face bike helmet for 50p, tried it on, it was too small and he had to take it back. Lesson learned: try before you buy, if possible. As for me, I found three records quite to my liking, which came home with me...

But because I'm a dreadful person, they're under the cut... )
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I'll get replying to your comments tomorrow, chaps, once I've had some much needed sleep. <3

I'm only just back in the house, having seen Jason off for the weekend. The initial plan was for me to go to his (or, to be more precise, Lee's – where he and his Mum are still staying) on Wednesday, then for him to sleep at mine Thursday, Friday and go home early Saturday, but since he's now only working two days a week he was done for the week on Wednesday and so there was a last minute change of plans.

That, and I think Lee has started to go out of his mind with the number of people always knocking at his door... )


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