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Today's been a rather productive day. I tidied up the living room, took a lot of my stuff back upstairs, brushed then hoovered the floor, and now it's looking a lot better. Like, we seem to have acquired all this magical floor space out of nowhere. Hopefully we can keep it that way.

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  • Aug. 25th, 2011 at 8:57 AM
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Did I mention that my bracelet turned up yesterday? I don't think I did!

A few days ago the custom bracelet I'd had made - one of a pair, of which Jason has the other half - went missing. I was understandably gutted; as I believe I wrote in an earlier entry the bracelet was something to remind me of him while I was away. It was something important to me.

Well, as I was walking home yesterday you won't believe what I saw lying there on the pavement, not twenty feet down the road from the bus stop I usually get off at. Toggle clasp (which I believe is the reason it went missing - it has a habit of coming undone), chain, little teapot charm turned copper-orange after a thousand hand-washes and exposure to the elements...

I can't believe it stayed there all night! I can't believe nobody noticed it! I'm glad for it as well, because if someone had turned it in - well, they could have done so anywhere, and the people who associate me with that bracelet are a select few. Jason, Sian and my immediate family - so just about five people.

So I have my bracelet back now, and I'm happily wearing it on my wrist. What luck, though! I think the dream I had the night I'd lost it, where I woke up to find it lying on my desk half-hidden under a notebook, could have been telling me it was nearby.
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I've lost my bracelet - one of the two tea-themed ones I had made for Jason and myself last month.

I've turned my house upside-down for it but it's nowhere to be found. It could be anywhere - in work, on the bus, or out on the street where anyone could pick it up, think it's nice and not hand it in to the lost property.

I'm nearly in tears here, I'm so gutted. They were supposed to be something symbolic; something I could have on me at all times to remind me of him while I was away. I just hope that if someone's picked it up on the street, they hand it in somewhere. Maybe even approach the press about it; that would be great.
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I've lost my keyboard adapter. In fact, I fear I may have thrown it out by accident. When we were moving house, I just tossed it into a bag of old socks, which was then thrown under my bed and forgotten. I can't remember if I ever took that adapter out (probably not, as I last used my keyboard yonks ago), but during a massive cleanout I had recently, I'm pretty sure that bag wound up straight in the bin.

Actually, it could be in my wardrobe somewhere. I may have taken it out of the bag and then shoved it in a box somewhere. I hope this is the case, because I'd love to learn how to play keyboard, as well.


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