This Is Going to Sound Pathetic But...

  • Mar. 20th, 2012 at 1:34 AM
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... I still can't sleep after that bloody movie. I wish Jason was here - that way I might get to sleep.

I know I'm just being daft and it's just a film, but it was pretty horrifying. Well, I thought it was horrifying. Jason's watched it loads of times and he loves it.

Alas, Jason's not here. If he was, he'd probably only aggravate me further by providing me with an uncanny imitation of the noise the Thing made in the film... Ergh.

When he was in Egypt a few years back, he managed to sneak up on his mum and a family friend and scare the wits out of them by making the sound a Predator makes. He's also brilliant at making that weird hissy lip-smacking noise that Hannibal Lecter makes in 'The Silence of the Lambs'. So he's probably not the best person to have around when a gruesome horror film has terrified you to the point where you can't sleep.

Maybe I should just turn out the lights and hug my sheep cushion whilst thinking about happy thoughts. Like unicorns. And Caravan. And castles made of books. And fields full of flowers, and tea, and groovy hats.

Yes, that's what I'll do.

My sheep cushion. He's called Derek and he was the last one in the shop. He's mucho comfy :)

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This is actually the first time I've used my iPod Touch for updating LiveJournal. I'm more used to Semagic/journalling in HTML so we'll see how this goes.

I have an entry coming up on the events of my weekend, but today I need to get something off my chest if I have a hope in hell of sleeping tonight.

Okay. Here goes... )

Um - Hi! It's Been a While!

  • Nov. 29th, 2011 at 9:16 PM
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Okay, I haven't been the best at updating my journal. When was my last post? Early November, it must have been, when I had a chance of actually finishing NaNoWriMo on time!

Things are as usual here, only I'm not going to be finishing NaNoWriMo (the novels, however, I'll keep in mind), I'm taking as many days off as possible in order to save journeys (and therefore money) on my travel card until Christmas because QUB have charged everyone £85 for the semester's tuition fees and I hadn't known about it in advance, and - well, that's it, really. Oh - I'm playing Minecraft again. Probably not a good thing, seeing as I have essays and stuff to do, but oh well. I'll be alright!

I woke up at the record-breaking time of 2:50pm, today. This is partly because I was up until stupid o'clock watching the truly horrific 'The Legend of the Titanic', which NostalgiaCritic does a glorious review of here and then here. Then, I couldn't get to sleep - presumably because the animated film was so nightmarishly fucked up that it kept me awake for fear of the terrors it may have spawned in the Land of Nod. And then, my phone died during the night. It was a long, drawn out and probably very painful process in which I basically forgot to charge my phone for about a week and you know the rest. So no alarm, either.

Since 'end result' is a redundant expression, I shall say the result was my sleeping in until nearly 3pm. I can't imagine how many brain cells have been killed off by my new, weird sleeping pattern. Since my head hurts a little I can guess that I'm about 30% more stupid now that when I went to sleep.

ANYWAY. It's 18 days until I go back to England and Jason, and news from home isn't good. My Auntie Sue, who went into hospital in about June/July to have a brain tumour removed, hasn't been responding to cancer treatment. Last week she went into a coma and doctors haven't given her long to live. When I checked up with Dad yesterday, she was drifting in and out of consciousness and she knew that she was surrounded by the people she cared about - all Dad's siblings bar Graham and Clive have been to see her already. Graham's stuck in Europe because of the bad weather cancelling the ferries and Clive hasn't been able to get up from Devon yet. Even though she's been awake, I don't think the prognosis for Sue is any better - Dad says it's only a matter of time.

To make up for my horrendous lack of activity, I'll be posting a couple of picspams - one of my room here in Ireland, and another of my Minecraft antics.
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I'm now, yet again, completely unable to post to LiveJournal - the Internet has been cut off. But it's totally worth it; this time it's not because we can't afford extortionate bills, or TalkTalk are simply being cretins... this time, the Internet's down because we are finally transferring to Sky broadband.

Admittedly I won't have much time to enjoy the glory of high speed Internet, run well at affordable prices, as I'm going to Ireland soon, but at least we're away from the vile ISP that caused us so much trouble.

Jason's sleeping over at mine today. I was at his yesterday and for once Dave wasn't there! We were alone for most of the evening and the routine was pretty much the same - we had tea, then tea, stuffed our faces and watched a film - this time 'Misery', based on the Stephen King novel. All I can say is if I ever get a book published, I'll make sure it's shit so I don't have any rabid fans like Annie Wilkes.

One thing we did get out of that film was we discovered Liberace - or more correctly, the origin of the background music on the blind cave salamander level of that bizarre Earthworm Jim game he's downloaded for the Wii. The music that's playing when Annie Wilkes lovingly hobbles Paul Sheldon is the same music that the game has on that level. So that's the mystery of the unfitting Earthworm Jim game music solved! Hooray!

We have engineers at the Star office today from BT OpenReach, doing some work in regards to work's Internet equipment. I was told I could leave if it got too noisy for me to work but so far the noise hasn't been too bad. I've also not been receiving many phone calls, which is odd as I normally get the bulk of them. I think a quiet phone day is in order anyway as I try to get stories written as best as I can without using the phone.

Even if they aren't making much noise now, I'd rather leave the phone for a day and just write all my articles in 'framework' form, so I can make all the necessary calls when we don't have anyone in working. Knowing my luck, as soon as I pick the phone up to make a call, the drilling and hammering will begin and I won't be able to hear a thing.

I think I'm going to go out in about ten minutes anyway to have a break - I'll probably read in the library for a wile before coming back for my lunch. I still have soup and a baguette upstairs and I'm starving!
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I decided against the chiffon dress after all, due to confidence issues. There's still that stubborn, unshakable part of me that simply refuses to be seen in a dress or skirt. I will wear it one day! I'm not giving up just like that; if there's anything the Prince's Trust taught me, it's that I can overcome all obstacles.

Today I had my first Job Centre appointment in about three months. It was just to sign paperwork declaring that I've completed the Prince's Trust Team Programme, and to talk about moving onto TNG (this job search organisation) and a continuation of my placement at the St Helens Star. I've got another appointment on Friday at 9:00 (so no lie-in for me!) to sort out some more paperwork. Huzzah!

The Job Centre even refunded £3.20 of my weekly bus ticket, which will be handy as I'll tell you later on. With a couple of quid in my pocket and a spring in my step (ah! To be poor again!) I emerged from the Job Centre of Doom and phoned Jason.

We agreed to meet at Victoria Park. Since I was closer I got there first, chose a bench in the sunshine by old Queen Vic herself and immersed myself in H. G. Wells' 'The Time Machine'. It was an absolutely perfect day - warm, a bit breezy, and the sky was brilliant blue.

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