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The snow has all been washed away. For the past few days the weather has been bi-polar. On Friday, just when we thought it was all thawing out, it suddenly started snowing again and we must have gotten about six inches at least - I walked Jason to the bus stop in it, Ashley came as well and we larked about a bit while waiting, throwing snowballs at each-other, rolling around in it and the like. We waited for about half an hour and in all that time we just saw one bus - the 22 heading back up to Warrington. The 34 never came, so we headed back to mine, left all our wet clothes in the hall to dry out, sipped tea and tried to warm up again.

Then, last night, I was woken up by the sound of heavy rain, which was really weird considering the snow we'd been stuck with for the past week or so. It's all gone this morning, and it's definitely feeling milder out there. About bloody time as well; it's nearly February!

Also, I think I may have spontaneously developed tinnitus... )

Surprise Surprise, Yet More Internet Woes!

  • Oct. 12th, 2011 at 8:23 AM
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Just letting you all know my WiFi at home is playing silly buggers. It just messed up last night and hasn't been working properly since. Being new to the art of WiFitsu, I don't know what the hell is wrong; hope it'll fix itself soon!

In the meantime, looks like I'll be back to typing up entries in Semagic, saving them and posting them when Internet access returns. This includes a blog I'm currently working on about metre, rhythm and syntax in poetry.

Anyway, today's Creative Writing Workshop Day with Ciaran Carson! Hooray!
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Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive. I've been alternating between typing entries in work and e-mailing them to myself, and simply scribbling them into a notebook I bought recently. So there are journal entries to come.

The lack of actual updating comes from two things: firstly, work has kept me busy (particularly yesterday, when the phones exploded with incoming calls of epic tales across the town) and my Semagic has been playing silly buggers due to a dodgy Internet connection. I may have to re-teach myself how to post via e-mail, as that would certainly cut out the middle man!

I'd use LiveJournal directly in work but I don't much fancy being caught using a social networking site where I have only one or two friends in the immediate vicinity. Social networking is okay, apparently, as long as it has the potential to deliver possible news leads...

I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself this morning. I woke up at 8am, which is very late, got dressed straight away and I'n now polishing off my first cup of tea (chai, to be precise, courtesy of Jason's mum Maria) before going to work.

I had a really awful dream last night. In a nutshell, I was sent to work abroad for a year because there was no alternative, meaning I was on my own, in Spain. I had a heckload of money but I was bloody miserable without Jason there.

Anyway, time to finish my tea and get to work! I'll try a full write-up on the dream later.
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Blimey! 23 infected items so far! I hope to god the scan is over soon because I want to get this bloody computer sorted out and then get some sleep.

Funny, isn't it, how I happen to discover all this malware late at night? When dealing with viruses, I follow the 'kill it before it kills you" school of thought... so I must stay up attacking it until it's gone.

Bloody inconvenient timing, if you ask me. Why couldn't I find a malware program in the morning? What a buggerance!

Methinks this needs to be vented in a novel of some sort. *starts getting ideas, all of which are lovely and bizarre*

*ZOOOOOOM* [cue battle music]

  • Mar. 6th, 2011 at 11:11 PM
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These malware infections are like the random battles on Final Fantasy 7. Only not as frequent and ten times more annoying.

Yes, I will probably shut up about that game eventually. Some time soon? Probably not.

By the way...

  • Mar. 6th, 2011 at 11:05 PM
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I was almost - almost - expecting this stupid malware to prevent me from posting using Semagic, claiming that 'OMG ITS DANGERUS PROGREMZ'.

I was even prepared to, in the face of said claim, shout 'OH NO YOU DIDN'T' and then throw the bastard out of the nearest window. But the claim was never made and so no windows were harmed.

Except, maybe, the Windows that now has a piece of malware skipping about pretending to be it. That's gotta be embarrassing.
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So I think I have another malware thingy on my computer. WHERE THE HELL DO THEY COME FROM. There I was, happily browsing the Internet (or as happily as a TalkTalk user could browse, at any rate) when suddenly BOOM! The browser closes, and when I try to open it up again I get a pop-up saying 'install Vista Home Security 2011 OR DIE'. See, the thing is, it looks like a genuine Microsoft program. But then, so did ThinkPoint and Security Shield.

Also, this pop-up, while mostly well-written, contains a few subtle quirks in the language that make my malware alarm go wild. I quote word for word...

"Windows recommend Activate Vista Home Security 2011

Click "Yes, Activate..." to register your copy of Vista Home Security 2011 and perform threat removal on your system."

One: there are elements of Engrish to your writing. Two: I have no recollection of ever having a trial version or whatever of your program. Three: kindly go to hell and perish there a million times.

Methinks it's time to get Malwarebytes on its arse.

Anyway, I managed to write four pages on 'The Great Couch Happening of '69' today, as well as kick arse on Final Fantasy VII. Usually it's one or the other with me. I write and keep writing, or I play FFVII and keep playing. I even managed to listen to a few records, and work a little on my screenplay version of 'The Great Couch Happening of '69'. All in all a productive day. This journal entry will be my final productive act of today, if you don't count sleeping as productive!

Personally, because I'm a lazy sod, I do. It makes me feel better about myself. If someone says to me "So you didn't write or draw anything today?" I'll look them square in the eye and say "I slept. That still counts as doing something with my life!"


And so the story continued and you all got bored and went off to do more interesting things... )
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The past two days I've been at war with my computer - well, a better way to put it would be that the computer was a battleground. First off I had the malware Security Shield to contend with, which was a bugger in itself to remove. Yesterday, when I thought all was well and good with my computer, I found something else.

On my crappy old mp3-turned-storage-device, a 53mb folder called 'RECYCLER' that I had no recollection of putting there. I did another scan, it turned out to be a virus. So I eradicated it.

Later, I was telling Nathan about it. As soon as I mentioned 'RECYCLER', he got this look in his face - horror, and recognition. It was on his SD card. And it was on Ashley's iPod, which prompted me to check my own iPod... and it was on there, as well.

Consequently, I've spent a great deal of last night and the early morning scanning the computer drive by drive, removing all traces of infection, then scanning again for good measure. Nathan did his SD card himself - I can only hope he was as thorough as I was, because if even a single trojan is left on a device that then gets plugged into this computer... well, heads will roll.

So, I've just checked Twitter and found that my last tweet, before going to bed, was five hours ago. That's how long I was up, crushing these little bastards. The scans found literally hundreds of them. I just hope that A) this won't be happening again any time soon and B) that the viruses weren't on there long enough to cause any lasting damage. I might leave it a while before using things like my bank card on this computer, just to be safe, and maybe run a few full scans over the coming days.

In non-virus-related news, I've started to type up 'Arcane Mathematics' and 'The Timeshare Presentation of Death'. So far, including title pages and my foreword, I've got 23 pages, on which there are 7852 words. This actual count lines up pretty nicely with my handwritten estimate, which is good.

I'm having a couple of woes regarding formatting, though. Firstly, I start every new paragraph with an indentation, including ones that are only a couple of lines, such as speech (and the way I write, this means I use them a lot). I don't use indentations for paragraphs starting at the very top of a page. I was just wondering if this is an acceptable way to format a book, really. It doesn't look that bad to me, when I scroll through it, so I think I may leave it for now.

Another thing is page numbering. This has been a pain in the arse, as well. Obviously you number your pages, but a lot of books will have blank pages between chapters (if the chapter ends on an odd page number, so the next chapter begins on the following double-spread) and title pages that aren't numbered. I don't know how to include my headers/footers in certain pages, and have them blank on others. It's bugging me. I was thinking of just splitting the book into several documents - numbered pages apart from non-numbered - then printing it off and putting it together in a binder. But since I'm mainly typing this draft up for CreateSpace, that won't work. It's not essential that I fix it now, I suppose, so when I've caught up on my sleep I'll take to Google and see what I find.

If anything, it's probably even best left for when I've actually finished the book, so that all the pages are there.
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Dear Hotmail,

Let me access my e-mails. Please. I want to go to bed.

~ A Knackered Individual With Aching Legs

P.S. By 'access my e-mails', I mean load.
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In a twist of fate most cruel, I posted a reply to a comment regarding anti-virus (in response to my entry about the recent ThinkPoint conundrum), and immediately afterwards, something popped up.

Damn you, ThinkPoint! Isn't it obvious that you aren't wanted, you pitiful, greasy little bastard? Get off my shiny new computer and perish in a thousand burning rubbish heaps! Then rub salt into your eyes whilst singing the French national anthem in Anglo-Norwegian! Then gamble away your life's savings (which you've no doubt pilfered off the good, honest and slightly more idiotic members of the Internet) betting on whether a guinea pig will explode on command! You are a pointless use of space! A waste of megabites! I detest you! Go away!

And choose somewhere quiet and remote to go away to. Like Svalbard, for example. No doubt they'll have use for you there.

So. To those of you who are slightly baffled by my sudden reversion to public blogging, I have decided to emerge from beneath my rock. It was difficult; with the weather being as it is I was frozen to the ground. I panicked for a bit, hoping my raw emotion would ionise the air or generate enough heat to set me free, but alas, no luck. I then made like an utter prat and used hot water. Which froze me even more.

Slightly defrosted a million years later, I realised what happened and bought without paying a crowbar from a passing lunatic, chiselled my legs free and then prised my arms off the ground, thus defying the laws of, frankly, everything and breaking reality as a result. My characters scoffed at me saying 'you're as bad as the rest of us!' and then I had them all perish in a fire. The fire was perfectly harmless, you understand, being made of words... to people, anyway. Huzzah!

I am now in the process of figuring out how to unperish all of my characters because without them, my career as a writer will go in the general direction of down the pan. And I hear the pan isn't a very nice place. Cholera, Mafia shootings and the like. It also vaguely resembles a toilet.

There's a lion behind this cut. And it's hungry. Happily, it's a vegetarian. Unfortunately for you, you're a leek. Happily, it doesn't like leek. Unfortunately for you, it's got naff eyesight and it thinks you're a carrot. And it loves carrots. )
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Nathan's killed the computer again. Fantastic. He did three system restores yesterday to try and get Spore Galactic Adventures working again and then screwed it up entirely by resetting the computer while the third restore was still going.

I'm - going - to - annihilate - him. He has no sodding concept of 'computer safety' or 'patience'. Nor does he have any idea what 'actually, other people need this computer so perhaps I'd better leave it alone' means. He screwed th whole thing up so he could play a piddling game - one which is probably a dodgy copy, anyway.

As a result, these posts will come much later than expected because not only do I have no Internet access to actually post them, I also don't have anything to type them up on.

These posts are thankfully all still in handwritten form, so at least I won't lose anything when the computer is reformatted. But that's not the point. It isn't fair on Ashley and I that he should wreck the computer every couple of months (literally) because he gets impatient with a game. But when we try to confront him about it he throws a hissy fit at us.

If/when I get a laptop, the resultant bliss will probably kill me. And only when hell freezes over will anyone else have a go on it.

Anyway, if all goes well today I should be enrolled into Sixth Form. I should let them know of my change of address. I should also have been getting my glasses today, but thanks to the cost of moving it looks like I'll be squinting until Wednesday.

I need a cup of coffee. I'll check in later to let you all know how it goes.


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