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I've finally put myself through listening to the latest Lancashire Hotpots CD - so far it hasn't been too bad, but for the song about OCD (I don't have the tracklisting in front of me but it's track 6), which is appalling.

Meanwhile, I've been busy getting through the work I've brought home with me. Four articles have been written to the best of my ability - one's done and dusted, the other three are just in need of a last few details. Two more items on that list are also as good as done - the aforementioned domestic violence story and the Robyn Appleton EDS story that's been sitting around for months, crying out for a picture to go with it. Two stories are follow-ups, one I'm interviewing for tomorrow, three are reviews and two I haven't even been given contact information for yet. So I guess it isn't as bad as it first seemed.

To be honest, I think I'll get off to bed soon. Let the album finish first. Tomorrow morning, I'll phone the Job Centre and National Express.

We had a home visit from the German Shepherd Rescue people today - it could be the weekend we get a dog, and Dad's particularly interested in a gorgeous 4-year-old female called Meg. She's timid, with separation anxiety problems, but Dad's always home so he'll be there to keep her company and help her get over it.

Anyway, the album's over now - off to bed!

Glory to the People's Republic of Swedonia!

  • Jul. 13th, 2011 at 9:47 PM
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There goes the last shreds of my productivity! I discovered Minecraft last night, and I'm positively addicted to it.

I started a new world called 'The People's Republic of Swedonia', and the seed from which it was generated? 'Seeds are pretty damn sexy!'. This landed me on what appeared to be a land full of just sand with a rather bizarre topping of snow - what a combination!

Minecraft shenanigans, a busy day ahead and counting others' blessings... )
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More news of ratty fun times from Planet Thelma! I had her out earlier and she sat in my hands for a full 20 minutes! Progress or what? I held her last night, as my last Thelma post details, but she kept getting back into her cage and I had to keep coaxing her out. This time, she stayed in my hands for ages! She crawled around a bit but I think she was exploring, getting used to me. I made sure I talked to her as well; I basically just babbled to her about how my day was and how I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable! Doesn't matter what words you choose, so long as you sound friendly and the rat hears your voice.

I'm really proud of how much she's improved today. I mean really proud. When I picked her up and she didn't struggle - just stayed in my hands calmly - I was unbelievably chuffed. Now all I need to do is lather, rinse and repeat every day I possibly can, until she comes up to me and sits on my shoulder of her own accord. How cool would it be to just sit and write for an hour with a rat snuggled up against your neck?

The problem? I've been scratched all over by Thelma's ratty little claws. It stings to buggery! She doesn't do it intentionally; it's a bit when a cat sits in your lap and flexes its claws, inadvertently digging them into your legs. A rat's claws are always out, so when Thelma scrabbles across my bare arm she leaves loads of little scratches.

Anyway, I passed today as best as I could, by going round to Laura's for a few hours. We didn't go out today as she's home alone again and had loads of housework to do, plus I was really tired. So we just had a cup of tea and chatted for four hours! Boudi's still in the growling phase, trying to figure out her place in the pack, and her cat Snoopy's looking thinner each time I see him due to his old age. Laura's cut her hair to what you might call a 'boyish' length but it really suits her and I can tell she's comfortable with it.

Little rat scratches aside, I'm considering wearing a chiffon dress tomorrow. Sleeveless. Normally I hate my arms and shoulders, but I think I should just be bold and roll with it. It all depends on the weather, of course, because if it's breezy - well, chiffon's a very light fabric. So I should probably consider sticking on something else beneath it, like a heavier skirt. This is probably why I should invest in some shorts...

After all this waiting, Wednesday is almost here. I'm really excited! Jason's such a nice guy - I love hanging out with him.
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I did the dumbest thing ever, today. Or, should I say, two days ago? Remember how Laura and I arranged to go out today? Well, we did. Then, as we ambled along Peasley Cross road, I realised I'd done something very stupid. I was expected by Sian for a game of Snap at the Oak Tree Pub in Newton, at 3PM.

Sian naturally got very, very annoyed at me, but I balanced it up. I hadn't seen Laura, my best friend of ten years, in two or three months. Choosing between her and pub snap with a bunch of friends I'd seen only five days ago wasn't difficult... at the risk of sounding horrible. Consequently I felt like a pillock all day.

Despite all that, today was a good day. You'll only get to share in the awesomeness by partaking in this LJ cut. )


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