Ratty Fun Times

  • Apr. 5th, 2011 at 9:00 AM
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I've had two socialisation sessions with Thelma since my post yesterday. One was last night, right after the post in question.

I'll admit that a lot of the issues come from myself. I'm a first time rat owner and I'm nervous when it comes to handling because I'm scared that a) Thelma will run away and forever disappear down one of the nooks and crannies in my bedroom or b) I'll accidentally hurt her while picking her up.

I think I just need to trust myself as well as her, though. During both sessions, neither were an issue.

The first one, last night, I took the top off her cage and balanced it so that it was half on, half off, if you get what I mean. This meant Thelma could emerge and explore my bed if she wanted, but she also had the comforts of home if she got too scared. I'd also stick my hand in and near her, offer her treats and make clicking noises at her so she could get used to me.

I think the first session was about twenty-five minutes, because after a while Thelma looked quite tired; I thought I'd give her a bit of space.

This morning, almost immediately after I woke up, I tried again. Cage roof off, balancing even further across the base so she was more likely to leave. Again, more treats, I'd stick my hand into the cage to show her I wasn't her enemy... she nibbled at me a bit, but the bites weren't 'threat' bites, they were 'food' bites!

Then, I discovered a nifty trick for picking her up. I'd get her to climb on the outside of her cage, then scoop her up while she was at it. I only held her for a couple of minutes at a time this way but it was definitely a good start; much better than our interactions the past couple of days. She hid in my sleeve again, which was fun, but this time my sleeve was loose enough so she could go in one end, out the other, not a problem.

This socialisation session lasted about thirty minutes. I'll give it another go later this morning, before I pop round to Laura's, and I think I'll have another two tonight - before everyone else has gone to bed, probably, because then I can actually talk to her. All this dead time I've had of late - I might as well give it to Thelma!


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