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I've decided, as some of you Twitter people may know, to dive yet again into the world of sponsored novelling with my NaNo '11 novels. Yes, that plural was wholly intentional, as I intend to write two novels. I have titles and the basic plots of both, and I'm thinking of sponsoring two charities: The Office of Letters and Light, for obvious reasons, and Amnesty International, because we are all human and deserve equal rights.

The only problem is that the Office of Letters and Light aren't on JustGiving, whereas Amnesty are, being a big international charity. So the simple 'create a JustGiving page with joint beneficiaries' or 'create two JustGiving pages' is probably out of the question, for now.

I've tweeted NaNoWriMo asking if they're on JustGiving (this was before I researched it myself and realised they weren't), so maybe they'll realise there are benefits in it for them on getting involved - other WriMos will be able to write to support The Office of Letters and Light!

Anyway, the ideal way of raising funds is through JustGiving. I'm also planning on running two blogs to post everything I write, so that people can take a look through and double-check my word count to make sure they're happy I've met the criteria before they donate.

I'll be creating flyers to distribute around university, around Portadown and in North West England, and I'm hoping to get in touch with Hope Academy, the St Helens Star and businesses on both sides of the pond as a way of generating more funds. All of this on top of my university work! The madness, eh?

I might even contact the charities I want to support to see if they'll try and get me a little more publicity - articles on websites, press releases and so on. It would be so cool if I could raise a lot of money for them both!


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