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I should be banned from leaving the office. Seriously, I should. Yesterday I went out for 'dinner' and yes, while I did have a large portion of curry and chips, I also came back with four CDs: 'Infinity Land', 'Blackened Sky' and 'The Vertigo of Bliss' by Biffy Clyro and 'The Very Best of Frank Zappa' (no guesses as to who was responsible for that particular compilation). Today, the same happened, only with no food and 'We Can't Dance' by Genesis.

Five CDs. Cheap as hell, yes (I spent £10.98 on them in total, which isn't bad), but that's not the point. I'm supposed to be saving money, and here I am buying CDs willy-nilly. I really am awful with money.

Anyway, how goes work? )
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THIS year’s St Helens Adult Learner’s Week Event saw one of the town’s very own golden oldies honoured for a staggering track record of voluntary work spanning more than 35 years.

When Eddie McConville, once a worker at the Gloster Glass Company, attended the event on Saturday May 14 he knew he’d be awarded something – but he had no idea that it would be a Voluntary Award commemorating his years of dedication. He told the Star his fascinating story.

It all started in 1977... )
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We had another minor faff with the local yobs today, which comes as no great surprise. Earlier in the day, I'd been reading, when there came a knock at the door. Dad had gone out to the shops, so my immediate thought was that he'd come back but forgotten his keys. Unlikely for him, yes, but always a possibility. I went to the door, no-one there. I returned to the living room, and my book.

A second knock, the Second Coming of the Sasquatch and a weird revelation about my house... )
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Before I go off to bed to become boring, I thought I'd update you all with a rather interesting occurrence that chose to interrupt the usual ebb and flow of my daily life.

Earlier on, I was on the computer, perusing Twitter and LiveJournal into the wee small hours - as you do - when there came a knock at the door. The time was about half nothing in the morning. The knocking? Sharp, quick, urgent.

Needless to say I reacted to this much like one might react upon being told that they were actually of the other gender. We don't get many knockings of the door in the daytime, let alone the middle of the night. Naturally I was suspicious. My immediate thought was of teenage louts, playing knock and run, perhaps, or waiting to pound the unlucky answerer of said door with snowballs immediately upon opening. Perhaps even a gang of burglars, planning to barge in and harvest our television should we answer their knock. So I waited, and contemplated the possibilities.

It came again, said knocking, with a desperation that I simply couldn't ignore. Around here, even the boldest chav is in bed by seven (such is small town life), and I'd immediately got this strange feeling; I knew instantly that this was a genuine call, and quite an urgent one. I went to the door.

Walking through the hall, I saw a faint blue glow beyond the frosted window of our front door; a bulky shadow silhouetted in it. At the shadow's chest, a pallid white square; a screen. And as I approached the door, I heard the crackly tones of a radio.

I took the chain off and opened the door, but I already knew who it was. And I was right. A lone policeman, car parked up behind him, peered into the house.

"Sorry to disturb you, miss, but we received a call saying that there's been a stabbing here?"

Yes sir, I'm afraid I had a disagreement with a bottle of tomato sauce... )
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I am in what could be the shittiest mood ever. I was having a brilliant day through work; it was busy, but I was having a great time. On the way home, it was really frigging cold - colder than anything I've ever felt before. My feet and hands were numb and I wanted nothing more than to get home and straight into the bath without a hitch - no hypothermia, no slipping and falling on my arse.

So, near the traffic lights entrance to Clarence Street, I saw three kids (two girls and a boy) walking towards me, across the road. Faffing in the snow, and being a general nuisance.

They all know Ashley, don't they? They've given him trouble in the past, and they recognise me as his sister.

"Heads up!" the boy shouts, and lobs a snowball at me. It misses. Across the road with all the cars I can't do much except look at them like they're a bunch of idiots and dodge. He throws another one.

And so the story continues... )


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