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It be NaNoWriMo day the sixth! This afternoon my stats are as follows...

Chaos: 3442
Soul: 4136
Corn-Cob: 4063
Total Written: 11,641
Total Remaining: 78,359/90,000

I'm hoping to get another 2000 words done before the end of the day. I still won't be on par according to my 90k goal (I should be at 18,000 words today) but meh, I just need to keep writing at least 3k every day and try and gt little bits extra in here and there to make up for my behindness. See, that's how frazzled all this writing is leaving my brain. Somehow I think that 'behindness' is an actual word. I know it probably isn't, but sod it, this is NaNoWriMo, where sense is thrown to the ravenous seagulls, reality breaks down and weird words suddenly pop into existence.

Yesterday was pretty good! I went down to Bachelor's Park with Shannon, Sophie and my niece, Amy. While they were in the wee playground area I scuttled about taking photos, since I got ten rolls of film through the post the other day. The night before I was poking about on the internet trying to look up a tutorial on how to use a camera properly - as in, working with shutter speed and lens aperture to get the pictures just right. I figured out that you could see whether you had the correct exposure by looking through the little viewfinder at the top of the camera and holding the shutter release down gently, but not enough to take a picture. There's a little gauge to the left with a plus sign, a circle, and a minus. If the red plus sign flashes, it's overexposed (too much light getting into the lens). If the red minus flashes, it's underexposed. If you've got it just right, the circle in the middle should flash green.

So during my Bachelor's Park shoot, I made sure that the green circle flashed as often as possible by tweaking the shutter speed and the lens aperture. I used a whole roll of film (including two pictures I took of Cheeky the night before and one I took looking down the street of my childhood home - the latter of which turned out to be quite an eerie picture). It's a great time of year for nature shoots anyway; being autumn there's some beautiful experimentation to be done with colour, and in the park there are a few lovely wood carvings of characters from 'Alice in Wonderland'. There's a little birdhouse up there as well - as in, a greenhouse with birds in it - but we weren't able to get in. Some nice, up-close pictures of the birds would have been fantastic.

I got the pictures developed the very same day, at Imaging Solutions in town. £9 it cost me! Compare that to the £7 I'd normally spend at Max Spielmann's in St Helens... blimey. Film photography is certainly an expensive habit. I'm probably going to get a DSLR with my next studet finance payment. Photo printing is only 15p a picture from a digital camera.


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