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A few weeks ago, I made mention in a post that I'd once been suspended from a school I never went to. It is quite an odd story; one which also highlights the aura of fail about the school I used to go to. So, since a few of you were interested in my tale, I thought I'd stop being mean and share it.

We wind the clocks back to February 2008, when I was still in Year Eleven and anticipating the end of high school. For a week during this term, the school was enrolling people from its own Y11 group into Sixth Form there. Back then, I didn't even know I was moving to Newton-le-Willows; it was in April 2008 that I went downstairs one morning and Dad said to me 'how do you fancy getting out of this place?'.

Anyway, back in February I was stuck in St. Helens for the foreseeable future, so I enrolled at Sutton High Sports College Sixth Form. I'd be stuck at that school for another two years, but I was exhiliarated that I'd at least got in; two more years there was worth it for a-levels that would at as leverage into university.

Fast-forward to April 2008. There was an incident in school in which my youngest brother Ashley, who'd only just turned thirteen, was rushed to A&E. For my Dad, this was the last straw. Somewhere between this entry and my next one, I came downstairs one morning to get ready and Dad asked me how I'd feel about moving school and house. Being at the end of my tether regarding my school and neighbourhood, I immediately said 'heck yes!'.

So, I completed my GCSEs at Sutton High, getting ten A*-C grades which meant I was spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a Sixth Form. I picked up my qualifications and then didn't think much of it; I waffled around all summer, writing and doodling and listening to Mike Oldfield. We viewed a couple of houses, including one very close to where I'd eventually end up living.

Up until this point, I was still going to Sixth Form in Sutton High. Only there was an issue: Art and English Language, both subjects I desperately wanted to do, clashed on the timetable that had been arranged. I didn't know what to do; I was too shy to storm into Miss Mansfield's office and demand the timetable be rearranged, and I didn't think I would be capable of transferring to a different Sixth Form and leaving everyone behind.

Eventually, though, I opted to make the change when Dad suggested St. Aelred's. Sutton High had been horrible to me and I wasn't going to stand for it any more. St. Aelred's had a good reputation and great teaching standard so I decided I'd go there instead. Dad phoned Mrs. Vernazza, assistant director of Sixth Form, who told me that Digital Photography was also available as a subject. I had an interview with her, which went very well, and they enrolled me on the spot. The rest, as the old cliché goes, is history.

The thing is, we contacted Sutton High about my change of plans, but it later transpired that they did bugger all about it. I technically remained a student there. I stayed on all their registers and everything. After a month or so at St. Aelred's, I started receiving letters. Written warnings for nonattendance. Second written warnings. Then an appointment with the head of Sixth Form at Sutton High. Then a final written warning.

And then, I was finally expelled from a school I never even went to. I have to say, it was bloody amusing. I could even see it as my last big 'sod you' to that horrible place!

It's quite weird, writing about events at the end of High School. One, because it happened so long ago and two, because I'm now approaching the time where I have to make yet another big change and go to university. But yeah, there you have it: how Kelza got expelled from a school she never attended.
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All went well and I'm officially a Y13 student. And guess what? Grade E's at A-Level are equivalent to a C at GCSE, which to me is a satisfactory result. And considering there's only one year's difference between A-Levels and GCSE, I haven't done too bad. Not only that but an E at A-Level is also a pass. Yes, chums, I'll be working my face off next year on three A2's, one of which is... *drumroll* Art!

I didn't pick any AS subjects in the end. Yeah, no Media for me. Sian is going to kill me for being one of the most unreliable people she's ever known. But with three A2s to focus on, I don't think any more subjects would be a wise choice. Even Mrs Vernazza said it would be too much work. So, I have my three subjects, all carried on from last academic year (except Photography), and I intend to get good grades on all three of them.

School looks a lot different now. They've been working on it over the summer. There's a patch of previously unused and derelict-looking ground outside the Sixth Form block that's had a garden put in - it looks pretty good.

We nipped up to Earlestown on foot to tell the opticians about my glasses fee problem and it turns out that my glasses aren't even there yet anyway. So, Wednesday, hopefully, I'll have my beloved eyesight back so I can read Mrs. Hughes' ghastly black-text-on-purple presentations. On the way back, it rained. Hard.

Ooh, I also need some new biros (for writing, not art). Most just disappeared during the move.

In other news, I'm hungry. We've got baked potatoes for dinner, though. Awesome!

Lee's getting his new car on Monday. He said he'd visit once he has it. Yay!
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Nathan's killed the computer again. Fantastic. He did three system restores yesterday to try and get Spore Galactic Adventures working again and then screwed it up entirely by resetting the computer while the third restore was still going.

I'm - going - to - annihilate - him. He has no sodding concept of 'computer safety' or 'patience'. Nor does he have any idea what 'actually, other people need this computer so perhaps I'd better leave it alone' means. He screwed th whole thing up so he could play a piddling game - one which is probably a dodgy copy, anyway.

As a result, these posts will come much later than expected because not only do I have no Internet access to actually post them, I also don't have anything to type them up on.

These posts are thankfully all still in handwritten form, so at least I won't lose anything when the computer is reformatted. But that's not the point. It isn't fair on Ashley and I that he should wreck the computer every couple of months (literally) because he gets impatient with a game. But when we try to confront him about it he throws a hissy fit at us.

If/when I get a laptop, the resultant bliss will probably kill me. And only when hell freezes over will anyone else have a go on it.

Anyway, if all goes well today I should be enrolled into Sixth Form. I should let them know of my change of address. I should also have been getting my glasses today, but thanks to the cost of moving it looks like I'll be squinting until Wednesday.

I need a cup of coffee. I'll check in later to let you all know how it goes.
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What the hell was I thinking a few weeks ago? I can't drop Art. Without Art, I think I would go crazy.

So, Art, English Language, English Literature at A2, along with AS Media? As much as I love Photography, I can't do it without a camera.

And besides, the Art course I do covers Photography, as well as fine art, graphic design, ceramics, textiles... the list goes on. And being above Sixth Form age wouldn't prevent me from doing an A-Level in future *shameless burst of optimism*

P.S. You know the results day? Looks like I'm walking.


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