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Tomorrow, I need to tidy my room. It's once again gotten into the state where it's just a place I sleep – the bed, until I cleared everything onto it to use my desk, was the only tidy thing in it.

Yesterday, Jason and I met up with Holly so we could discuss her upcoming project; the one I'm producing artwork for. While I've finished the first piece, I had a few issues with the second and the third that were holding me back – the third, just a minor detail that was quickly resolved, the second, more an issue of inspiration (read: I had none) that soon found itself fixed when Holly told me the plot of her film. I had an idea for a piece that would be quite symbolic, with subject matter that would connect the other two.

Another thing that concerned me was that I hadn't been given a deadline in which to complete the pieces. They could have been needed in three days or a month. A deadline was exactly the kick up the arse I needed to get some work done. Holly told me that I'll have until after Easter to finish the pieces, which is plenty of time for two half-finished A4 drawings – for filming purposes, she's requested they be left unfinished, as a character will be working on them during the shoot.

So, what else have I been up to? Nothing much, in all honesty. I've become horribly addicted to Skyrim. Jason and I take turns playing on my file when he's round. My character's a Nord, somewhere between good and morally ambiguous – as in, I have nicked stuff and murdered a bandit or seven. Slaying dragons is terribly good fun! The game's turned your stereotypical 'wise, benevolent dragon' on its head – they're wise, but they'd also eat you. As Jason found out when he punched one in the face one day.

'Tis the weekend, and I'm alone until Monday. I was meant to be going out with Sian today but that fell through because I didn't know if we were going to be visiting our Uncle Adrian or not and in the end she decided she wanted time to herself. Tomorrow it's definitely just me, probably tidying my room like I've said I will, plugging in my record player and giving some of today's haul a listen. Which reminds me...

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Yesterday I was up at the miraculously early time of 9:30am, but only because I'd asked Dad to wake me up for the Saturday flea market. It had been ages since I'd gone, so I thought I'd have a gander and see what was on offer, maybe pick up a few records.

All four of us went; Dad because he needs a crowbar to complete his Gordon Freeman Halloween costume sort out the fence (he's still planning on getting a German Shepherd, but as you'll recall the rescue people who did the home visit said our fence wasn't secure enough on Crazy Dope Guy's side), Nathan for the walk, and Ashley because he's still got a tenner burning a hole in his pocket since his 17th birthday last month.

Dad got his crowbar, Ashley had an embarrassing incident in which he bought a full-face bike helmet for 50p, tried it on, it was too small and he had to take it back. Lesson learned: try before you buy, if possible. As for me, I found three records quite to my liking, which came home with me...

But because I'm a dreadful person, they're under the cut... )

Kelza's Collections

  • Feb. 25th, 2011 at 10:26 PM
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An extensive list of every item catalogued in my online collection. I'm hoping to update this daily until I've got everything on there, then update every time I get a new addition. The list is ordered by ARTIST/AUTHOR, and then by DATE OF RELEASE.

Clicky clicky! )

I Come Bearing Records!

  • Feb. 20th, 2011 at 4:44 PM
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Twas a cold day indeed in Liverpool - and everywhere else in the North West, for that matter. We're talking the 'OH MY GOD IT'S GONNA SNOW *panics*' kind of temperatures. Perhaps I shouldn't have said that; some nut-job might read it and start another meteorological riot. The first mention of 'snow' these days sends the whole of Britain into a frenzy.

Seriously, watch this: snow. AAAAH OMG IT'S GONNA SNOW WE'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE. See? It's good to know for when you're A) in Britain and B) bored.

I'm glad I started buying Record Collector magazine, because every issue has a list of every record shop that stocks it (Kaleidoscope of St. Helens included), as well as a list of all the major vinyl fairs taking part over the next month. In the latest issue, I read with joy that there would be one in Liverpool on the 20th (today, as you may have guessed). Not only that, but it's run by a group called Premier Fairs, who do fairs all across the North of England on a regular basis. Their Liverpool ones are always at the Holiday Inn, which is just across the road from Lime Street Station.

Did I go? Of course I did! A record fair in my local area was an opportunity too good to pass up. So I put a bit of money aside, and waited for the 20th to arrive.

Before we go any further, I have to make a snazzy announcement. It's music-related, but nothing to do with this vinyl fair. Last Wednesday I got paid, and I spent just over £70 of that money on something very worthwhile.

It's under the cut, though, because I'm an awful, evil person. )

Premier Fairs will be running another record fair at the Holiday Inn on Lime Street in April - the date will no doubt be in Record Collector and it's already up on the Premier Fairs website. If anyone's interested, it's literally right across the street from Lime Street station and they always put up a great big sign on the day. I'll definitely be going again, alongside my usual raids on the Saturday market record stall and Kaleidoscope. That way I can get a wider range of stuff!

Also, I'm considering bringing a new feature onto my journal - an in-depth catalogue of every vinyl, CD, cassette and book that I own. It sounds very nerdy but it would be a neat way to a) show people what I've managed to get my hands on and b) keep track of what I have.
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Today was a ridiculously busy day. I had to get up early because I was going to St. Helens to meet someone for a few hours, only to receive a text while on the bus that they'd slept in and wouldn't be coming after all. This meant I was in St. Helens, with £50 that I wasn't supposed to spend, and time to kill before I had to be back in Newton.

I shopped, didn't I? I raided the British Heart Foundation shop and bought three blouses, one of which is for my handover ceremony on Friday. Then I nipped into WHSmith, found nothing of interest, went to Wardleworths (a small bookshop on Westfield Street) instead, where I bought 'Avilion' by Robert Holdstock. It's the sequel to 'Mythago Wood', which I read and loved over a year ago. Looks like a good excuse to revisit the series!

I still hadn't bought the February issue of Record Collector, so I popped over to Kaleidoscope. I exchanged the usual banter with the shop owner and left with said magazine and two records - 'Repeat - The Best of Jethro Tull - Vol. II' and 'Live Herald' by Steve Hillage, who has worked with the likes of Mike Oldfield, Kevin Ayers and Dave Stewart. Associated with the Canterbury scene, he has released a considerable amount of solo work, as well as work being part of Gong, Khan, Uriel and System 7. I thought I'd give him a go, since he's associated with and likened to many of my favourite artists.

With that, I went home and stuffed my face until it was time to head off to Newton Boys' & Girls' Club. It was all about glossing the woodwork today, and scraping paint off windows, plug sockets and light switches. Everyone else is now in the main room, except Anna and I. We've glossed all the smaller surfaces which required the use of a brush, and tomorrow all we have to do is gloss the larger surfaces which need a roller. It'll take us about ten minutes, five if we work efficiently.

It's strange to think that the community project is almost finished; that we're now putting on finishing touches and looking ahead to our work placements. Tomorrow should be our last day of work. We'll so what needs to be done in the Girls' Room, and then we'll be helping out in the Main Room with everyone else. Even the Main Room's near completion, now; just a few bits here and there on the walls that need painting.

Oh! I remember what Vicky wanted us to do! The Boys' Room is now called the Chillout Room, since the lads who use the club usually listen to music and play pool in the Main Room. Anna and I have been drafted in to the Chillout Room to snazz up the walls a bit - they're just plain white at the moment, so Vicky wants some artwork up there to make it a little more interesting.

There's tomorrow's jobs: finish glossing, then snazz up the Chillout Room.
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... I may just revert to watching birds instead. Only the bastards still haven't finished off the bread I put out for them so I could steal their souls photograph them.

Today, my Grand Plan for the Watching of the Calories hit a massive stumbling block. It's Wednesday. The night of the Newton High Families' Group. And it was the Christmas Dinner.

This meant free food in abundance. And let's face it, it's hard to say no when you're constantly breathing the fumes of turkey, gravy and sprouts. When the food is unveiled and the cry goes out, 'come and get it!', it is apocalyptically difficult to keep ye olde arse in its seat.

Mind you, it could have been worse. I could have had a buggering big portion of chips for my dinner at work again. I had a 120-cal Cornish Pasty instead. And a triple chocolate chip muffin...

Christmas this year is a pain. Everyone's putting food in my face, nobody's telling me what they want (except one person) so I've only bought one person's presents this year. We still haven't got our decorations up... If you were to pull me up in the street and say 'you know, Kelza, it's Christmas?' I'd probably give you a very odd look and say, in genuine shock, 'really?'.

I don't know what to get for people. It's maddening. Especially since half of those people have already bought for me. I beg and I plead for answers as to what they want - even just a tiny hint - but everyone's just smiling and saying 'oh it doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts!'.

Fine! I'm going to buy everybody used underpants from the charity shop, that would normally just get chucked, and distribute them amongst said people! "Here you go, friends, it's the thought that counts!"

Zurie has been smart and saved herself by giving me a very specific present idea. So no used bloomers for her.

Rant over. How is life, in the realms of Kelza? Pretty good. I feel like I've been blogging non-stop lately about my war on my diet or my new voluntary job, so I should probably talk about something else. Something nice, and non-ranty.

In which Kelza goes on another frothing rant, only to calm down with talk of notepads and writing later. )
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I've basically only just woken up. No sign of the postman yet (who should be delivering two CDs, a DVD and a vinyl some time soon), and I have one of those weird, dull early-morning headaches. I always get them after having the mother of all lie-ins.

So, the plan! First, I will have a glass of mango juice. Second, I will have a bath. Third, I will get dressed and dry my hair. Fourth, I will take that one hour brisk walk I said I was going to. Fifth, I will come home, stick a record on and tidy my room.

This, in essence, is my gap year. But at least I'm not being captured by pirates in Hong Kong or chased by Mexican banditos.

I've had a pretty neat idea for what we'll call 'the teatime dilemma' - the fact that teatime's the only meal that I don't have control of, as my Dad cooks it and he always cooks junk food. I'll just have cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwiches (the best sandwiches on Earth), and maybe a couple of Weetabix while I'm at it!
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In a twist of fate most cruel, I posted a reply to a comment regarding anti-virus (in response to my entry about the recent ThinkPoint conundrum), and immediately afterwards, something popped up.

Damn you, ThinkPoint! Isn't it obvious that you aren't wanted, you pitiful, greasy little bastard? Get off my shiny new computer and perish in a thousand burning rubbish heaps! Then rub salt into your eyes whilst singing the French national anthem in Anglo-Norwegian! Then gamble away your life's savings (which you've no doubt pilfered off the good, honest and slightly more idiotic members of the Internet) betting on whether a guinea pig will explode on command! You are a pointless use of space! A waste of megabites! I detest you! Go away!

And choose somewhere quiet and remote to go away to. Like Svalbard, for example. No doubt they'll have use for you there.

So. To those of you who are slightly baffled by my sudden reversion to public blogging, I have decided to emerge from beneath my rock. It was difficult; with the weather being as it is I was frozen to the ground. I panicked for a bit, hoping my raw emotion would ionise the air or generate enough heat to set me free, but alas, no luck. I then made like an utter prat and used hot water. Which froze me even more.

Slightly defrosted a million years later, I realised what happened and bought without paying a crowbar from a passing lunatic, chiselled my legs free and then prised my arms off the ground, thus defying the laws of, frankly, everything and breaking reality as a result. My characters scoffed at me saying 'you're as bad as the rest of us!' and then I had them all perish in a fire. The fire was perfectly harmless, you understand, being made of words... to people, anyway. Huzzah!

I am now in the process of figuring out how to unperish all of my characters because without them, my career as a writer will go in the general direction of down the pan. And I hear the pan isn't a very nice place. Cholera, Mafia shootings and the like. It also vaguely resembles a toilet.

There's a lion behind this cut. And it's hungry. Happily, it's a vegetarian. Unfortunately for you, you're a leek. Happily, it doesn't like leek. Unfortunately for you, it's got naff eyesight and it thinks you're a carrot. And it loves carrots. )


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