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Today is the day of the public sector strikes. Workers all across the country are walking out in protest against the government's proposed pension reforms - reforms which come on top of a pay freeze that means they're already getting less money for their efforts.

I've already done a piece for the Star covering the National Union of Teachers (NUT) strike - which, according to Steven, shows that they're able to trust me now with the big, national news that also has a local impact. Today, they've asked me to spend my morning waffling about St Helens town centre to see if I can find any picket lines where people are willing to talk to me.

There's the Job Centre and the Magistrates' Court that I know about. There may be some activity outside the town hall or Central Library. I'll get no joy at the few schools in the immediate vicinity as all the teachers striking are attending a mass rally in Liverpool - all the Merseyside teachers are coming together as one to make themselves heard, and from what Patrick White of the St Helens NUT told me, their message is strong and clear: these strikes aren't just about teachers going 'me me me'; the financial benefits of teaching are one of the things that draw quality people in. Take those benefits away and potentially good teachers will be put off. A local university that's known for producing excellent teachers has already put its tuition fees up to £9000, which can only be a deterrent. So, you put off quality teachers, what happens? The quality of education as a whole declines.

Of course, you could then argue that the best of the best will be the people who don't care about tuition fees or the changes to pensions. The very top-quality teachers will work because they love the job - teach to teach, not for the pension or pay. But will there be enough people out there of this sentiment? And don't top-quality teachers deserve a good pension for their contribution to society?

As I write this, evil-looking clouds are rolling in. They bloody well would on the one day I'll be waffling about town for a few hours! Apparently it was pissing it down at four in the morning - well, I missed that. And it still feels as stuffy in the house as it did last night, before the rain.

I was still up quite late last night. Aforementioned Steven also recommended that I sort all my articles into some kind of portfolio, rather than letting whole newspapers pile up in my room as I was doing and as he apparently did when he first started. So, last night I sat myself down, gathered together every single newspaper I have and made a start in a spare notepad of mine, a double-page spread for each week. A few papers are missing but I could always ask for copies in work or see if I've left them on my desk, as I have a second and smaller pile of St Helens Star issues piling up there. As well as a pile of old Metros behind my computer monitor that seriously need chucking.

Those dark clouds are even darker now, and in the exact same place where yesterday I saw the DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY, OH MY GOD IT'S SO INTENSE. Alas, it's not even starting to look like a single rainbow, and so I am sad.


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I have had two - count 'em, TWO - ChocoEspressos at lunch today courtesy of Central Library and I'm actually starting to regret it. Whoa boy, my brain's going at a hundred miles an hour. I can't concentrate at all. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!

What has led me to this state of caffeinated lunacy, you ask? It can only be one thing.

The Kelza has started writing again. And she's discovered that it's a Very Good Idea to do some during her lunch break, at Central Library, which is just about two stones throws away. I measured it today and that sounds just about right.

Last night, disturbed by the sweltering heat, I managed four pages. One before Top Gear, then another three between 9 and 11pm. This was with an approximately 200-word book review for work. I went to bed, as you do, wrote another page this morning, then two at lunch.

I feel like I can manage another hundred pages on this book easily before I burn out again. I must use all the energy I have, whether it be my own natural motivation or spurred on by the glorious coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.

So! The weather! It's been fiendishly hot these past two days, but as I write it's starting to cool down again. According to the Metro (i.e. that there free newspaper I get on the bus every morning when all the copies haven't been pilfered) we're in for some severe weather later tonight, including thunder, large-sized hail, gales of up to 70mph or more and possibly tornadoes! Jolly good!

As most of you already know, I am a huge weather geek. News like the above sets most people worrying or panicking - as for me, I'm whipping out my camera and stationing myself on the roof. I love extreme weather.

God, I'm so caffeinated and hungry and tired that I keep hallucinating that people are texting me. Is that crazy? It probably is. It looks like my phone screen keeps lighting up. My phone's set to vibrate though so I'll know if anyone texts. Hopefully.

If I haven't gone crazy by that point.
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The weather's been bi-polar all day. One minute sunny, glorious and warm, the next - piddling it down, thunder and lightning. And yet I don't have a migraine! Nor am I soaked, even though I've been out!

Yeah, I had a lucky escape. I went to TNG today to tie up some loose ends with timesheets and travel refunds; on the way, it started to rain just a bit. While I was in there, chucking it down. I didn't much fancy leaving at that point. When my business was done and I emerged, however... clear skies. Whew!

Then, an hour later, chucking it down once again. This time, it came with a pretty epic thunderstorm to boot. I couldn't believe it was raining so hard!

I got refunded £11.20, which means that I might be able to treat Jason to dinner later today when we hang out after work. It's his 21st birthday today and I owe him so much so why not? I'll make the offer, then when he refuses I'll shove the money into his hand and say 'TAKE IT, BITCH!' - problem solved!

He phoned me just then to confirm that we were still good for today, should he take a coat and so on. Is it just my imagination, or did he say 'I love you' before he hung up? He said something that I found totally incomprehensible... maybe I'm just hearing things. *bafflement*


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