Insomnia, Thy Name is Phone!

  • Apr. 8th, 2011 at 10:36 AM
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A very, very short entry because I'm knackered. I told Jason that I'd be able to sleep fitfully (barring insomnia) knowing that my phone was safe but a new worry took its place - without my phone, how the hell was I going to wake up on time? I barely slept.

Seriously, after this entry, I'm going back to bed.

Apparently I'd left a note last night instructing Dad to wake me up at seven. Good move, Intoxicated Kelza! *high fives self* So, I was up on time and set about immediately resuscitating myself with breakfast and a cup of tea.

Without my phone, I had no idea what time it was. Still, I got to the Job Centre on time. Jason met me there after a while and bestowed upon me my phone, which I've never been happier to see, hateful piece of technology though it is. Jason and I chatted a little while and he said he'd contact me some time next week. Mel's heading back to London on Monday so they've got to make the most of what time they've got. I hope they have an awesome time!

Anywho, Job Centre. My payment's been sorted so I'll be paid on Wednesday as usual. I start at TNG at 9:00 on Monday and it's a full time thing, but they'll be putting me on a placement - the Star, I hope, since it's what we've all agreed on. All I need to do is get the bus on Monday and find the place - it's near Cineworld, opposite a pub called the Phoenix. If I get an early enough bus I should have plenty of time to find it.

This is Sir Kelsalot the Directionally Challenged, signing out! Wish me luck!
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I've only had three Magners - three! - and I'm quite sozzled. Perhaps not so much next time unless I want to wipe my memory entirely clean. Already I feel the night's events drifting off into an ocean (or, in my case, a puddle) of cider. To be young and Irish!

Thus my haste in getting it all down while I still can. Must not forget the good times. I really ought to just have a cup of tea next time round.

Anyway, the events of the night. I went out to the bus at around half seven this time to catch the 8:07 - which would have been fine, had I been wearing a coat and proper shoes. I stood there trembling for about half an hour until the bus finally came.

When I arrived at the Running Horses, a horrific experience - I couldn't find Jason, or Lee, or indeed any of the people who'd been there last time. I texted Jason, who confirmed that they were still on their way, and then went to wait outside - the place was full and there was nowhere to sit. I entertained myself much as I had while waiting for the bus - by reading Wodehouse's 'Carry On, Jeeves' to pass the time.

I really ought to refrain from reading in public... )
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Dearest *ehem* phone,

You did not just do that. You did not have the cheek to go off, thus interfering with my stereo and making it forget that it was playing a CD, right in the middle of Hatfield and the North's 'Son of 'There's No Place Like Homerton''.

Look at it! You know my stereo's a poor, senile old dear and you know that your fancy waves and signals confuse it! Now it won't recognise the CD anymore!

Go to the naughty step, you hi-tech little twerp, and take that blasted Twitter with you. You meffed up the stereo during the best song on the album, and I'll never forgive you for that.

No love,

~ Someone Who Likes Her Stereo (And Music)


@ 03:01PM: The stereo's still dead. I've put off my work to try and resuscitate it.

@ 03:05PM: I hate to say this but perhaps a new stereo is in order. I give up.
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I went to the flea market, getting soaked in the process. QSExtra had orange shoes, but none in my size, and I bought a 2GB Micro SD card for £5. Mission accomplished, I took it home, took the memory card out of my phone and slotted the new one in. It went in a bit odd at first; it took some pushing to get it in, but I managed. I turned my phone on, went into 'phone status'...

The new card didn't register. At first I was puzzled, thinking my phone was just playing silly buggers with me again, but then I realised what was wrong. The two cards are slightly different; this phone would only accept a very specific type of card. And, worse still, the new Micro SD was stuck.

After a brief panic, we got the card out (thank you, Dad, and your magical pins!) and I've figured out a way of making space for the Chronicles of Kelza: Ireland Special. The SD card fits Ashley's phone, so I put it in and transferred all my photos and videos, then deleted everything off my phone.

Crisis averted, then! I nearly died when I realised the Micro SD was stuck. The thing about my phone is it's hard enough getting the ordinary card out; the slot's so precariously located and designed that you'd need fingers like pins to get anything out of it. And then it only takes a specific type of card... there's a whiff of Apple about it all.


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