Planning Ahead and Ruminations on Gender

  • Jun. 12th, 2013 at 11:01 AM
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I've been up since about 8, working pretty hard on getting some stuff together for The Great Couch Happening of '69. Not only have I put down the groundwork for a 'Definitive Guide' to Whitbrook, the town in which my novel begins and ends, but I've begun to compile an extensive list of crucial tasks that I need to complete to make my book as good as it can possibly be.

And so on and so forth... )

I've Rejiggered My 2013 Writing Plan...

  • Feb. 18th, 2013 at 12:14 PM
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I'm feeling much better today, thankfully. Maybe that little rant helped. I worked a bit on this project for Holly as well, which proved to be somewhat theraputic in that I now have less work to do, and I always find drawing quite soothing anyway.

Speaking of Holly's project, I've altered my 2013 writing plan to accommodate it. I was going to work on four separate projects across the year, but that's now down to three. My plan is as follows...

1. March, Camp NaNo (April) to the end of May - The Great Couch Happening of '69
2. Camp NaNo (August) - Chronicles of Stan books 2 and 3
3. NaNoWriMo (November) - You Know You Got (No) Soul

So... yeah. I might even find room for that fourth book in there somewhere; maybe I could just write a couple of pages a day across the year while working on the three big ones. Mind you, I'd need time to edit The Great Couch Happening of '69 as well. Perhaps the Mystical Fourth Book could just be a little side project for fun; I could just work on it whenever I have the time and feel compelled to.

For the moment, though, I must draw. I've still got tons to do, but when it's done I'll be so relieved. I've got a few things to show you guys already, actually... only my laptop is being a jerk and won't let me load any other tabs in my browser, so I can't actually upload anything yet (otherwise I'd have to leave this page). Most annoying. I'll try and get some stuff up later, when I've actually scanned it in. So far I've only got pictures I've taken on my iPod, and they aren't the best quality.

It's weird how motivated I'm feeling today as opposed to yesterday. I hope it stays like that to be honest. I'm going to Jason's later and I'm seriously hoping Lee isn't there because he has a habit of inadvertently destroying my will to live.
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Wow. It's been almost a month and I haven't written. Sorry for the inactivity, but things have been a little difficult for me since about a week or so after Irene's funeral. The funeral went fine, by the way; I held it together as best as I could for Jason. He was quite upset, as you can imagine but everything we focused on was very positive. We just celebrated her life and the wonderful woman she was. And the deacon was quite impressed with the eulogy; said it was the best one he'd ever seen. Maria and Tony (Irene's husband, Maria's dad) kept thanking me but to be honest I just jazzed it up, varied sentence lengths and structures a bit. It really came from Maria. I was just the editor.

Sorry, this entry is another whiny one. )

WRITERS! Want a Link In My Sidebar?

  • Jan. 17th, 2013 at 2:23 PM
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I did this on LJ years back, and thought it would be a good idea to revive it for anyone who adds me on DW (anyone?! *tumbleweed*), as well as anyone on LJ who's changed how they post their writing stuff.

I'd like to get more connected to some writers on the good old interwebs, and I usually do that by adding their writing journals/links to my sidebar. So, good people of Dreamwidth, post your links here! It doesn't matter what kind of writer you are; after all, the world of words is a veritable spectrum of amazingness; and besides, I like a bit of variety in my blog! Plus it would be nice for people poking around here looking for yet more writers to have a handy list of links to visit. You never know, you may get a new fan out of it!

And to all of you LJ people, if my link for you is out of date, please let me know and I'll update it for you. And if your link isn't up there but you'd like me to add it, just comment.

Let's hope 2013 is a great year for writing, eh? :D
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The WiFi didn't put up much of a struggle today! Not bad! That being said, I am using it in the Peter Froggatt Centre, which is nice to me as far as WiFi is concerned. But it's a nightmare in the stairs and navigation department.

I may be wrong, but I'm positive I was supposed to have a Peer Mentoring session today at 12. I got in on time, but there was nobody in their office. Oh well.

The Peer Mentors are basically a group of eight third year English students who take groups of first years such as myself in confidential weekly sessions where we can talk about our concerns, chat in general and have a laugh. My only concern right now is one they can't really help me with; I still can't get any of the Philosophy files on Queen's Online ('Free Will and Determinism' included) and it's driving me crazy. I need to read as much of that book as I can by tomorrow and I just can't find it! Argh!

I have a Philosophy lecture coming up, so I'll try and catch the lecturer beforehand and explain what's going on. Then, if I still can't get hold of the book, I just hope my tutor will be kind to me in tutorial tomorrow when I explain that I couldn't get hold of a copy. As soon as I can get it, I'll read it - hell, I'll read it twice - but if I can't get it today then I'm stumped for reading it in time.

I did an interesting calculation while I was on the bus earlier. My travel costs are £44 a week, right? I figured out that fifteen week's travel (so one semester) would cost me £660. So if I put 15 weeks' travel on my smartcard at the very beginning of each semester, before I buy anything else, life will be much less stressful. Most of my financial stress comes from worrying how my spending is all going to work out - whether I'll be skint by the end of the semester or not, and whether I'll be able to attend those last few weeks as a result. So if I prioritise my spending and make sure my attendance is covered first, followed by books, life will be much easier.

That still doesn't solve the niggling social problem, though. The buses don't run that late, so nights out are out of the question. I'm still planning on branching out socially; perhaps my smart card works for trains as well? This calls for research.

I'm also considering entering a competition online at a website called - it's a short story competition and the prize is £1000, which would be most useful. The deadline's November 30, which ties in rather nicely with the end of NaNoWriMo - I'll try and get a few things put together before then and we'll see how it goes. Winning would be awesome, though. One, because it'll show that my writing is worth something and two, because that £1000 would cover a semester's travel plus something nice for myself, like an SLR camera or a bass guitar. Or books for the semester. Imagine the possibilities! If I won that, I'd have most of my student finance for leisure stuff!

Right, I'm definitely doing the Inktears competition.
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Dammit, Semagic! It isn't letting me post :(

Hello ElJay! I haven't been updating because I am currently very very busy with all this moving stuff. When I haven't been packing, I've been writing letters to Jason - many many letters with all the detail of this journal. When I haven't been writing letters...

Well, I've been procrastinating, mainly, or sleeping. Glorious sleeping. Ehem.

Moving morning is today! I'm expecting my stepdad to come and pick me up in about an hour's time, so I have to keep this brief while I get everything sorted out. Depending on the crossing I take on the ferry, I'll take either 'The Timeshare Presentation of Death' to work on (shorter crossing) or 'The Great Couch Happening of '69' (if we take the really long one that's about seven or eight hours).

Watch and be amazed as I'm too busy being excited by all the travelling to actually write anything. As for the moving itself, I'll be sure to write you an account of the adventures afterwards. Huzzah!
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I've decided, as some of you Twitter people may know, to dive yet again into the world of sponsored novelling with my NaNo '11 novels. Yes, that plural was wholly intentional, as I intend to write two novels. I have titles and the basic plots of both, and I'm thinking of sponsoring two charities: The Office of Letters and Light, for obvious reasons, and Amnesty International, because we are all human and deserve equal rights.

The only problem is that the Office of Letters and Light aren't on JustGiving, whereas Amnesty are, being a big international charity. So the simple 'create a JustGiving page with joint beneficiaries' or 'create two JustGiving pages' is probably out of the question, for now.

I've tweeted NaNoWriMo asking if they're on JustGiving (this was before I researched it myself and realised they weren't), so maybe they'll realise there are benefits in it for them on getting involved - other WriMos will be able to write to support The Office of Letters and Light!

Anyway, the ideal way of raising funds is through JustGiving. I'm also planning on running two blogs to post everything I write, so that people can take a look through and double-check my word count to make sure they're happy I've met the criteria before they donate.

I'll be creating flyers to distribute around university, around Portadown and in North West England, and I'm hoping to get in touch with Hope Academy, the St Helens Star and businesses on both sides of the pond as a way of generating more funds. All of this on top of my university work! The madness, eh?

I might even contact the charities I want to support to see if they'll try and get me a little more publicity - articles on websites, press releases and so on. It would be so cool if I could raise a lot of money for them both!

Wow - A Few Days Where I Won't Be Going Out!

  • Jun. 28th, 2011 at 12:44 PM
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I haven't left the newsroom for lunch today. There's no need, since I'm not going out tonight and have the whole evening to work on my novel.

It won't be until Thursday now that I'll next see Jason - our usual Wednesday routine won't be happening this week because he's going to the cinema with Dave so I have tomorrow evening to myself as well.

I'm kind of glad for the space. I know it sounds horrible but I'm not the kind of person who likes to spend too much time with somebody. Though Jason isn't nearly as smothering as the ex was, happily. He probably needs the space as well, and his family - I can't shake the uncomfortable feeling that I've invaded his home somewhat. Plus absence makes the heart grow fonder. I do miss him.

So I have a few days to come down from it all, and not feel like I have to pull time out of nothing to work on my novel. It'll be nice to do that old evening routine again, actually - the "sitting down at 9pm to work until midnight" thing I used to have going on. Though I think I'll start writing a bit earlier, because I've become unaccustomed to the whole late nights scenario.


  • Jun. 27th, 2011 at 3:04 PM
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I have had two - count 'em, TWO - ChocoEspressos at lunch today courtesy of Central Library and I'm actually starting to regret it. Whoa boy, my brain's going at a hundred miles an hour. I can't concentrate at all. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!

What has led me to this state of caffeinated lunacy, you ask? It can only be one thing.

The Kelza has started writing again. And she's discovered that it's a Very Good Idea to do some during her lunch break, at Central Library, which is just about two stones throws away. I measured it today and that sounds just about right.

Last night, disturbed by the sweltering heat, I managed four pages. One before Top Gear, then another three between 9 and 11pm. This was with an approximately 200-word book review for work. I went to bed, as you do, wrote another page this morning, then two at lunch.

I feel like I can manage another hundred pages on this book easily before I burn out again. I must use all the energy I have, whether it be my own natural motivation or spurred on by the glorious coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.

So! The weather! It's been fiendishly hot these past two days, but as I write it's starting to cool down again. According to the Metro (i.e. that there free newspaper I get on the bus every morning when all the copies haven't been pilfered) we're in for some severe weather later tonight, including thunder, large-sized hail, gales of up to 70mph or more and possibly tornadoes! Jolly good!

As most of you already know, I am a huge weather geek. News like the above sets most people worrying or panicking - as for me, I'm whipping out my camera and stationing myself on the roof. I love extreme weather.

God, I'm so caffeinated and hungry and tired that I keep hallucinating that people are texting me. Is that crazy? It probably is. It looks like my phone screen keeps lighting up. My phone's set to vibrate though so I'll know if anyone texts. Hopefully.

If I haven't gone crazy by that point.
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I've decided to start compiling a memoir about my three months with The Prince's Trust team programme. I was toying with the idea months back - hell, even before the course was finished - but yesterday, in a moment of otherwise idleness, I started scribbling down, in no particular order, stuff that I remember happening throughout the course. What we did, what I got up to 'outside the classroom' with my new-found compadres, why, how I felt about it... and so on and so forth.

The end result, I hope, will be a wholly honest and comprehensive recount of my experiences. Leaving out nothing except the things I know for a fact that people would be uncomfortable with me divulging - the really personal stuff.

It should be an interesting story to do, especially in this day and age, because it shows thirteen young people with different problems of varying degrees working for a whirlwind three months to become better people. I'm hoping to convey the processes that we all went through together, and the thoughts and feelings and changes that I went through personally. My best moments and my worst, the good times and the bad, the difficult bits and the easy, and my own thoughts of 'where are my problems? Do I really need this course?'.

I seem to have recalled about 40-50% of the stuff on my own, but there are huge gaps in the chronological plan I've been scribbling up, particularly in the induction week (week 1), the community project (week 3 for prep, 4/5 for the actual project) and next steps (week 9).

A lot of the earlier stuff should be found on my journal. I definitely remember writing a lot about weeks 1, 3, 4 and 5. Residential got not a single entry because I was denied computer access all that week. I could also contact Vicky and Tim about the possibility of getting my project folder or having a chat about what we did.

Anyway... )
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Okay, in total contrast to what I said in an earlier entry, I have not yet returned to my regular blogging schedule.

The reason is this: while I am very much enjoying my life right now, it's very much the same old stuff every week. Work from nine til five every day. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Jason. Occasionally I spend the night at his. And when something different does happen, a-la-Wales Comic Con, I'm usually too tired from the normal routine to do any sort of write-up about it.

This needs to change. My journal, one of the things I'm most fond of; the longest piece of writing I've ever done and indeed the longest project I remain held to, is suffering. My novels and artwork, too. On three days of the week, I'm busy from nine in the morning until almost midnight.

So how should I remedy this problem? Quit my job and miss out on those two more months of experience I could glean from it? I wouldn't just lose that - I'd most likely be sanctioned by the Job Centre and that would mean farewell income for the next few months. Do I stop spending as much time with Jason? To do so would break my heart - and with me going to Ireland in a few months, every moment I get with him is more precious than my life.

No. What I need to start doing is start making productive use of my dead time. There are bus rides and moments in work where I find myself thumb-twiddling. Lunch hours where I could escape the office for a bit, find a bench and scribble. I can even dedicate an hour or two when I get back from being with Jason. And this is all without weekends entering the equation.

Ideally, I'd like to dedicate three hours to my novel every day. But I can sink as low as two for now, until I'm in Ireland and I won't be able to spend as much time with Jason. I think I'll need the novel more when I'm over there, anyway, as distraction from how much I'll be missing him and everyone else.

So here I am, and journalling. What can I waffle about?

I've finally plucked up the courage to ask Dad if Jason can come over next Sunday. It's Holly's annual charity walk and he's coming along for that anyway, so I thought it might be nice if he could come back here afterwards.

The problem? Our house is a tip. )

Breaking the Mould

  • May. 11th, 2011 at 11:46 AM
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I regularly break the laws of everything in my writing. The laws of physics, the laws of nature, the rules of writing which really stand more as guidelines; a 'how-to' on how to write a successful novel.

The end result, I feel, will be one of the least marketable books around. I'm not writing to cater to what is currently in vogue. I'm writing for fun, to push boundaries and possibly to irk a few of the more conventional-minded people out there. Money simply isn't on my agenda.

I often describe my own novel as 'a freewheeling load of bollocks'. Which, essentially, it is. The characters are always flitting from one place to another (usually drunk) and while there is some semblance of plot, more often than not it randomly starts raining sleighbells.

Genre and conventions might just be the vice that stifles progress. )

tl;dr: ANARCHY!
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I know I keep saying this but I need to start working on the novel regularly again. My life recently has become something of a Jason-work merry-go-round - and while this isn't a bad thing (I adore both dearly), it's sad that my writing, art and guitar is once again being overlooked.

This weekend, I'm going to try and get back on track. I'll tidy my room tonight - particularly the innards of my wardrobe, which urgently need sorting out - and then sit down to write four pages on 'The Great Couch Happening of '69'. After so many false starts with crap-titled novels like the first five drafts of 'Shadows Rising', 'Trinity', 'Voices From Above' (plus its many alternate titles) and 'Crimson Dawn', I'm determined that 'The Great Couch Happening' will go somewhere.

It has to. I've broken both my record of time spent on a project (a year and two months) and my record of pages written - 340-something. All that time and effort simply can't go to waste.

In which Kelza debates whether to go self-publishing or mainstream... when the book is finally done, anyway. )
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The sponsored novel is done! Well, I say 'done'... it's over, at 103 pages in total. I managed to get £44 out of it, which covered the shopping, at least. Half the people who decided to sponsor me didn't pay, but it's not a problem - as the great god Tesco says, 'every little helps'!

A massive problem has arisen, though. I won't have enough money to get to the community centre tomorrow, and Dad can't give me anything because he's got to be at a meeting tomorrow morning, so he won't be getting his money until after 9, when I have to be in.

Guess who's probably walking to St. Helens tomorrow? Unless my Aunt is willing to give me a lift, that is.

Never mind. Dad's giving me a fiver after all. Plus a lecture on how expensive it's going to be each week. Yes, Dad, I know how bloody expensive buses are. Before I got my bus pass I was spending about 20% of my income on transport alone.

Blah. Anyway. Last week was a stressful week. I can barely remember most of what happened, really; I think it was just a bit too much so my mind's wiped itself. All I remember is there was a lot of bickering, some tears, I lost my bus pass and even I, Kelza the Eternally Patient, started to lose my temper with people. That was the bad side.

The good side? I got my guitar and clarinet. But you know that already because I wasn't entirely dead on eljay last week.

So. Today. Thankfully the day wasn't too bad. This, I believe, was down to the fact that Anna, Jane and myself didn't really work with the others much today. We were responsible for writing up a detailed day-by-day, step-by-step plan for our Final Team Challenge, which starts tomorrow. Then, we went and did the shopping for the three days, using most of what I'd acquired though sponsorships. The rest of the team went out and about delivering leaflets for some fellow who'd agreed to give us £100 for our efforts.

I keep trying to remember what happened last week and I just can't. It's crazy how my mind has just gone blank. All I remember is I came out of it feeling horrible. It was bad to the point where I didn't think I could go back on Monday. But I did!

Tomorrow, we'll be taking our three elderly residents out to the Liverpool Museum. There's an awesome World Culture display on the third floor, apparently, and hourly shows in the planetarium which should be great to see. Wednesday, we'll be taking them to the Blue Planet aquarium - good for me, because the alternative was Chester Zoo and I've already been there - and on Thursday we'll be cooking them a meal and having a tea party with games.

Meanwhile, I can't think of anything else to write. Since I'm free of the sponsored novel (HOORAY! I hated that project and nobody shall ever read it!) I've decided to get back into 'The Great Couch Happening of '69', going at a more normal pace that won't kill my brain.

First, though, I shall tidy my room!

Final Challenge: Team 46 Needs YOU!

  • Mar. 11th, 2011 at 2:00 PM
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The final challenge is coming up for the Prince's Trust Team 46.

The task involves taking a group of disadvantaged people (in our case, we'll be working with elderly folk who are in care and generally never get out of their care home) and treating them to the time of their lives. Not only is the completion of this challenge essential to our course, it's also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people we work with; an experience that we hope will leave them with happy memories to last a lifetime.

However, we need to raise funds in order to achieve this goal. Part of the challenge is that there are no loans, no grants and no financial help available to the team members; all funds must be raised ourselves. Alongside the team's collective efforts to raise funds, I'll be writing a sponsored novel. My goal is 3p per page, or £3 if I manage to write 150 pages in five days (the deadline being midnight, Friday 18 March).

Any contributions would be hugely appreciated by myself, the team, our team leaders and especially the people who will benefit most from the funds. I recognise that a lot of you can't sponsor me, being overseas and all that jazz, but I know you'll all give moral support at least in doing something which will probably drive me mad!

So, people who are able and willing to sponsor me, do drop me a line (stating who you are, where you are and how much you'll pledge) on and I'll reply with further instructions. As proof of my efforts (because nobody wants to sponsor someone to simply sit on their backsides all day long), I'll be posting my writing online under the tag the prince's trust (2011): novel, irrespective of quality. Obviously it's not going to be fantastic; I'll be aiming for 30 pages a day!

PLEASE NOTE: the fundraising week is all next week, from today (Friday 11) to Sunday 20 March. Any sponsorships sent later than that will be invalid, so bear that in mind and include a return address.

Interested in how I intend to manage 150 pages over next week? I will employ the use of my lightning fast typing skills, a complete disregard for quality, Dr Wicked's Write or Die and witchcraft/a time machine.

The book will be written with no chapter headings, in 14-pt Times New Roman. My fonty staple diet. So if you're unsure about my progress you can copy and paste my drivel into a word document, switch it to that font and see for yourselves!

One last thing: tell your friends! I'd love to get a whole gaggle of sponsors to treat these people to an absolutely spectacular time.
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So I think I have another malware thingy on my computer. WHERE THE HELL DO THEY COME FROM. There I was, happily browsing the Internet (or as happily as a TalkTalk user could browse, at any rate) when suddenly BOOM! The browser closes, and when I try to open it up again I get a pop-up saying 'install Vista Home Security 2011 OR DIE'. See, the thing is, it looks like a genuine Microsoft program. But then, so did ThinkPoint and Security Shield.

Also, this pop-up, while mostly well-written, contains a few subtle quirks in the language that make my malware alarm go wild. I quote word for word...

"Windows recommend Activate Vista Home Security 2011

Click "Yes, Activate..." to register your copy of Vista Home Security 2011 and perform threat removal on your system."

One: there are elements of Engrish to your writing. Two: I have no recollection of ever having a trial version or whatever of your program. Three: kindly go to hell and perish there a million times.

Methinks it's time to get Malwarebytes on its arse.

Anyway, I managed to write four pages on 'The Great Couch Happening of '69' today, as well as kick arse on Final Fantasy VII. Usually it's one or the other with me. I write and keep writing, or I play FFVII and keep playing. I even managed to listen to a few records, and work a little on my screenplay version of 'The Great Couch Happening of '69'. All in all a productive day. This journal entry will be my final productive act of today, if you don't count sleeping as productive!

Personally, because I'm a lazy sod, I do. It makes me feel better about myself. If someone says to me "So you didn't write or draw anything today?" I'll look them square in the eye and say "I slept. That still counts as doing something with my life!"


And so the story continued and you all got bored and went off to do more interesting things... )
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Wow - I haven't updated much, have I? Since my last entry, in fact, I've written a heckload of articles, seen the next issue of the Star go to print and, of course, said farewell to my work placement.

Yep, my work placement ended yesterday. I was only in until 12 because the team had to meet outside Student Services at college by 12:15. So, I wrote a couple of church fillers, a longer piece about the Friends of the Sacred Heart's £1000 donation to the North West Air Ambulance Charity, finalised that annoying college paperwork and went.

We'll have to wait and see whether I can continue the placement after the Prince's trust is over. Which, incidentally, it almost is. Three weeks left of the twelve. Blimey.

The main problem I can see with continuing my placement after the course is transport. I'd have to get a bus into town every day, and it's £2 one way. That's £4 a day, so £20 a week. I'd be spending £40 a fortnight just on transport, and I only get £102 every two weeks. A weekly saver would be £16, but that's still £32 a week out of the money I need to save to move to Ireland.

I expressed these concerns to Tim, the assistant team leader, and he said he'd see what he can do. Now, I've been put onto a company called TNG who works with the Job Centre on job skills and employability - I'll be going to these guys one day a week and my placement the other four, if indeed I can go back. I think something was said about a grant for transport.

Yep, I'll have to buy a weekly ticket on the first week, according to the e-mail I got, but they'll refund £12 of it. I also continue to get the normal £15 on top of my JSA, which means I can spend this on a weekly saver and put away most of my money for the move.

So, what else has been going on? Not an awful lot. Honestly, I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend.

Not a lot is under the cut )

In Which Bakeries Hate Debit Cards

  • Feb. 22nd, 2011 at 10:03 PM
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I took my placement one step further today. Yesterday, I was writing mainly filler articles and other bits and pieces. Today, while I did a few of those, I also had the opportunity to do two longer pieces. The first was on Neil Daniels, a local writer whose main focus is writing about rock music - be it in book form or as articles in various paper and digital publications. He wrote in to us asking that we do a piece on his forthcoming books 'Don't Stop Believin': The Story of Journey' and 'Rock 'N' Roll Mercenaries - Interviews With Rock Stars Volume II'.

The fun part? I was given about four pages of information to cram into an article of 350 words or less, and I was asked to e-mail Neil to ask a few questions regarding the books.

Here's how it went... )
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I cannot believe how cold it was today! As an added bonus, it was absolutely piddling it down as I set off for the first day of my work placement. Consequently I arrived soaked through and freezing and dying for a cup of tea.

In the reception of the St Helens Star, I was met by Steve Leary and taken up to the news room - I don't think I can go up on my own as there are security measures that prevent the door from being opened from the outside. I have to wait for someone on the other side to let me through. I suppose this means I'll have to wait for Steve every morning, unless the receptionist gets to know my face and starts to let me through. We'll see. Either way, not a problem.

My first day was enlightening, let me tell you. Newspaper work is nothing like the normal writing that I do. When I work on my novel, or indeed when I write on this blog, it's very loose and all over the place. My blogs often border on the stream-of-consciousness kind of thing, and my novel... well, I don't even know. Stuff happens. I like it to have a natural, unpredictable flow, like life, but with some sense of direction.

Writing for a newspaper, however, is totally different. There are no 120,000 word behemoths here. You have to keep it simple. Most of the things I wrote today were between 100 and 300 words. I had to trim them extensively to remove redundant words. I had to try to be witty - and my wit is generally accidental. I say something smart, then realise afterwards. I had to keep to a strict structure.

And so the tale of journalism and epicness continues... )
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If ever you intend on reading this novel and don't want it spoiled, DO NOT CLICK. )

To those of you who didn't dare click the above LJ-cut, my novel's basically reached a point where it's forked off into three main plots that need a lot of attention, but also need to be interwoven around each-other. I've set a goal of 350 pages for the first plot, 250 for the second and 150 for the third.

This would give me roughly 750 more pages. My grand total, then, would be about 1050. If I follow this plan, then the amount of time spent on each side of the story will be appropriate.

The problem is interweaving these stories and giving each aspect enough attention in doing so. I don't want there to be a predictable structure to it, either. I feel that would totally defeat the purpose of my book. If I write it straight and spontaneously, though, important details will most certainly be lost.

Should I type the novel up from here on, covering each of the above aspects separately and then mixing them all together later? Or, alternatively, should I continue to handwrite, keeping each aspect as a separate project, so I can piece it all together in the rewrite?

I want to write them separately to ensure that I cover each part of the story adequately; to make sure that nothing's left out of one story because I've got the happenings of another distracting me. In the heat of creation, particularly with so many plots going on at once, I tend to accidentally omit important details. At this stage in the story, it's vital that I don't miss anything out.

The thing is how accessible I want my novel to be. I'm still the unfortunate victim of a shared computer, and while typed writing is easier to edit, you can't access it while someone else is on the computer - as, usually, they are. So, looks like I'll be tackling this in several handwritten projects, then, to be put together properly in the edit.

It'll make the whole project less manageable in the long run. In fact, I feel so positive about this that I can actually see myself completing 'The Great Couch Happening of '69' in first draft form some time in 2011!


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