Kelza's Grand Mural-Making Adventures

  • Feb. 10th, 2011 at 6:28 PM
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09:00AM - Arrive at the Club.
I got there at about five to nine. At first I was worried that nobody else would arrive until half nine (the usual time), and that I'd be standing out in the cold for half an hour, but then I realised that it was Thursday - the day that the Club usually hosts its weekly car boot sale. The main entrance wasn't open, but the sports hall was. So I just cut through the car boot sale and went to the room I was working in.

09:15AM - Deadline for having overalls on.
I'd left my overalls in the Chillout Room, where I was working, so there wouldn't be a big faff to find them. I had them on by nine o'clock, so already I was way ahead of my plan.

11:30AM - Girl's hair painted.
This was where the real work began. Tim and Vicky still hadn't arrived, so rather than wait I gave myself a good head start and got going. The caretaker of the building, Gordon, came in for a bit of a chinwag, stood watching me paint for a while (I'm starting to think that art is a spectator sport) and then made me a cup of tea. 'Twas lovely!

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This entry would be so much better with pictures. Today's been an art adventure of epic proportions.

I wasn't in the Girls' Room at all. Vicky and Tim dealt with the little bits of glossing that remained and put me straight into the Chillout Room with a roll of masking tape, acrylic paint, brushes and six hours in which to go insane on the walls.

I don't know how I didn't manage to finish it, to be honest. I'm just glad I have an extra day tomorrow; I'll have to work my arse off. The image is of a girl, side-on, wearing headphones with her hair flowing all swirly across the wall. In six hours, I managed to make an outline with the masking tape, paint a rudimentary outline so I could take the tape off and apply about 25% of the colour. Tomorrow, I need to apply the other 75% of the colour and then put a proper outline and highlights on.

The thing is, we don't have a full day tomorrow. I have about four hours in which to complete it, I'd say, because we have to be at the college building in St. Helens by half three for a session that we absolutely cannot miss. I may need to have a word with the manager lady, to see if I can haggle a few more hours in which to work.

I'd hate to leave that room incomplete. It's not just the mural I'm working on; those of you who follow my Twitter feed will know that I have four canvases to do as well - two for each room. I'm working on these tonight. Looks like sleep isn't on my agenda...

The handover's on Friday. Oh my God. The Mayor will be there. Bloody hell. Prince's Trust officials and snazzymen will be there. The press will be there. Oh God oh God I'm gonna die.

Tomorrow I have to work very quickly. Not a single distraction. If I kept an eye on the time and set realistic goals for myself, it would help me to pace the work and get it done - or as done as it can possibly be, at any rate. Here's my plan:

09:00AM - Arrive at the Club.
09:15AM - Deadline for having overalls on.
11:30AM - Girl's hair painted.
01:30PM - Girl's skin, clothes etc painted.
02:00PM - Mural properly outlined + highlighted.
02:30PM - Finishing touches. Canvasses hung.
03:30PM - Be at the college building for Basic Skills session.


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