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Thus starts my third week at university! To think that when this week is over, that's a quarter of the semester out of the way. Then it's just nine more weeks until the Christmas holidays, and I can go back to England for almost three weeks.

When my Student Loan came through, the first thing I bought was a return flight to England. I'm flying out on Saturday December 17 and coming back on January 6; if all goes to plan, Jason and my Dad will be meeting me in the arrivals lounge at Liverpool John Lennon airport. I can't wait!

I've just had the week's lecture for English in Transition; we were doing Rhythm, Metre and Syntax, which is an area of poetry that I'm less familiar with - or was, prior to my attending the lecture. I understand a lot more now, which will help me both in writing my essay (more on that in a minute) and in writing my own poetry. Because I've taken a 'whatever' approach to writing my own poems, they've always come out rather ungainly - like a newborn foal or someone with an awkward gait. Hopefully in time, now that I know a bit more about how to structure the lines themselves, my writing will improve.

Oh yeah. English in Transition essay. You thought my five-week Philosophy deadline was terrifying? My first assignment for English in Transition is due in two weeks' time. And now I know what fear is.

English Literature is my thing, though. So ultimately the Philosophy essay is more scary. At least I know what I'm doing when I'm writing to compare two poems. In fact I know even more after just three weeks at university. As for Philosophy, yeah the deadline's further away but i know sweet fuck all.

I'd best get learning. It might be a good idea to get up the essay questions, make my choice quickly and get working. On both essays.

And holy fuck, I think I've just gotten onto the Queen's WiFi. HOW DID I DO THAT?!


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