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The snow has all been washed away. For the past few days the weather has been bi-polar. On Friday, just when we thought it was all thawing out, it suddenly started snowing again and we must have gotten about six inches at least - I walked Jason to the bus stop in it, Ashley came as well and we larked about a bit while waiting, throwing snowballs at each-other, rolling around in it and the like. We waited for about half an hour and in all that time we just saw one bus - the 22 heading back up to Warrington. The 34 never came, so we headed back to mine, left all our wet clothes in the hall to dry out, sipped tea and tried to warm up again.

Then, last night, I was woken up by the sound of heavy rain, which was really weird considering the snow we'd been stuck with for the past week or so. It's all gone this morning, and it's definitely feeling milder out there. About bloody time as well; it's nearly February!

Also, I think I may have spontaneously developed tinnitus... )

I Love You, Now Let's Go Shoot Zombies!

  • Aug. 28th, 2011 at 5:48 PM
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New journal style! Yay! Also, while I'm talking journally stuff, there's some interesting debate and discussion going on in my previous entry ("Writer's Block: It's Women's Equality Day!" - 26 August 2011 @ 08:28) - thank you [ profile] truearisa and [ profile] ladyadeone for giving me the chance to exercise my brain before I go to university! I think I need some healthy debate to prepare me for my course.

The weekend so far has been absolutely brilliant! Jason's obviously stayed over at mine Friday to Saturday, and today I've had a nice relaxed day to myself. Today I've mainly been reading, looking around the Internet for cool things to do on Minecraft, and working my way through the stack of junk food that he always seems to leave behind.

So, Friday... )


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