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For no obvious reason, the internet in the PFC is screwing me around again. Forget trying to get online; I've had enough stress this morning trying to hand my essay in before the deadline. God, what an experience!

Click here to read about my fantastical adventures trying to print my work off, and try to spot the ninjas in my story. I promise you, it's EPIC. )

Right. It's Sorted. I Think.

  • Oct. 11th, 2011 at 2:46 PM
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My Philosophy tutor (a thoroughly awesome guy with an equally awesome but impossible to pronounce name) got back to my e-mail yesterday regarding the fact that absolutely no Philosophy files have gone online for me. The files still aren't there so it's most likely out of his hands as I expected, but he's sent me a PDF of the module guide which is exceptionally useful to me.

Upon going through this, I've realised that the book I need to read ('Free Will and Determinism' by A. Macdonald) is supposedly available on Queen's Online. If I could get a digital copy, that would be all my problems sorted. If only I could actually find the damn thing!

I had a minor crisis earlier as well when I came to the PFC and the WiFi here wouldn't let me on either. You know those moments where it feels like absolutely everything is conspiring against you? This was certainly one of those moments.

Anyway, I just need to dig through QOL now, to see if I can find this bloody book. I've looked through the Queen's library catalogue (QCat) for it with no luck, so it must be somewhere on the digitised seas of the internet. It's all very confusing but whatever, I'll figure it out.

Soon, though, I'll have to pop off to my English Language tutorial. I wonder if I'll be given an essay in that, too?

I might do a series of blogs later explaining Rhythm, Metre and Syntax in poetry, for those interested. If nobody's interested - well, sod you. I'm doing it anyway. C:


  • Aug. 25th, 2011 at 8:57 AM
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Did I mention that my bracelet turned up yesterday? I don't think I did!

A few days ago the custom bracelet I'd had made - one of a pair, of which Jason has the other half - went missing. I was understandably gutted; as I believe I wrote in an earlier entry the bracelet was something to remind me of him while I was away. It was something important to me.

Well, as I was walking home yesterday you won't believe what I saw lying there on the pavement, not twenty feet down the road from the bus stop I usually get off at. Toggle clasp (which I believe is the reason it went missing - it has a habit of coming undone), chain, little teapot charm turned copper-orange after a thousand hand-washes and exposure to the elements...

I can't believe it stayed there all night! I can't believe nobody noticed it! I'm glad for it as well, because if someone had turned it in - well, they could have done so anywhere, and the people who associate me with that bracelet are a select few. Jason, Sian and my immediate family - so just about five people.

So I have my bracelet back now, and I'm happily wearing it on my wrist. What luck, though! I think the dream I had the night I'd lost it, where I woke up to find it lying on my desk half-hidden under a notebook, could have been telling me it was nearby.

Okay, I Promise I'll Make an Effort Now...

  • Aug. 24th, 2011 at 9:11 PM
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It's a miracle! I have Internet! Semagic is actually working! At the same time!

Well well, life has certainly progressed since my last 'posted' entry. I am now halfway through my second-to-second-to-last week of working as a voluntary journalist at the St Helens Star (as in I have three weeks left, including this one). Jason's gone to Exeter for the induction week of this Horticulture course he's soon to be starting. His Mum, Maria, has not gone back to Tom and doesn't seem to want to - thank god. The most recent thirty pages of 'The Great Couch Happening of '69' have gone missing so I'm focusing on 'The Chronicles of Stan' while I search for them. I have finally seen Caravan perform in concert, which was utterly fantastic!

Our Internet's been off for a little while because we have finally escaped from TalkTalk! Dad finally decided he'd had enough and gave Sky the call to change our providers. After a week or so of 'net downtime in which everything was shifted over, here we are, floating in a cloud of low-cost, high speed Internet and good customer service! I'll only be able to enjoy it for a month but what the heck - it's worth it after what you all know has been a long, gruelling saga of Internet fuckery.

I guess it's time I start filling in the gaps, then! Like I said in my last posted entry ('Don't Cut the Air Off Yet; I'm Still Breathing!' - July 26, 2011), I have entries both handwritten and typed to get up here. It's going to be a long effort but I think it'll all be worth it to see my journal all together and complete. Plus readership seems to have sloped off with my absence, understandably - I must make it up to you all!
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Just a quick update before I pop off to work.

The whole Tom situation from the other day has resolved itself. I can't remember if I've already mentioned it (I probably have, as a little side-note in a huge entry somewhere), but anyway, it has. I think I slept over at Jason's the Friday after all that went down.

In fact, it was Friday. Because it was only at 4pm on Saturday that I managed to get him out of bed! It was quite adorable.

Alas, I have another day with no Jason. I'm seeing him tomorrow for the pub quiz and he's coming to mine for the third time on Friday; I'll be going back to his after to sleep over.

Like I said in my last entry, Jason and Dave are going to the cinema today, just the two of them - hence I have an evening to myself (YAY INCENSE STICKS WRITING AND TEA). We were meant to go to the cinema last Wednesday as a trio but Dave phoned at the last minute saying he'd feel like a 'third wheel' going with me and Jason but not his own girlfriend, Alesha (sp? There are a million variations). So it's just the two of them today, and I can enjoy some quality solitude. Last night was pretty good, actually. I revisited Douglas Adams' 'So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish', then indulged in the aforementioned incense sticks, writing and tea. I played with Thelma a wee bit, then was bemused at our lack of severe weather and also a bright object in the night sky that faded out.

Yeah, I don't think I'm going to trust the Metro newspaper ever again. )


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