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NaNoWriMo is so close. In a matter of hours I'll be putting those first words to paper - or screen, to be more accurate, as this time I have the luxury of my very own laptop with which to write. Yay!

Since my earlier entry it's been a fairly eventful day. My English Language lecture was actually on Language and Mind - psycholinguistics and all that jazz - and it went brilliantly, as usual. I managed to get a lot of stuff down, and I really ought to make a start soon on that essay of mine!

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So, after missing yesterday's Philosophy tutorial I had two extra journeys knocking about on my bus smart card. Last nSo yeahight I decided that it might be a good idea to go to Belfast to do some shopping. With winter rolling in quickly I need some warmer clothing, and Primark has been stocking some funky knitwear and flares, so I decided to forget my terror of the place and go shopping.

Shannon and I got to town to catch the bus at about half twelve, to discover that buses on Saturday are less than regular. Most buses only go between Lurgan and Belfast, which was no use to us. We waffled round town a bit, planning on getting the 2:32 bus, but then Shannon had a revelation: the train. We could try there, to see if they were more regular, and they were.

One thing I'll say about train services over here; they're a lot more vigilant. Even from a station as small as Portadown's, there's a man checking everyone's tickets as they go out onto the platform. It isn't like in England where you can just go onto the platform half an hour early and dawdle around; you wait in the designated area and then aforementioned ticket man will call you through when your train's there.

Yeah. The trains over here are different. Look at me with my Irish wisdom!

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