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We got rid of the malware. All it took was to run the computer in safe mode with networking, then have both BitDefender and Malwarebytes run a complete scan of the computer. Basically it was the exact same process that got rid of ThinkPoint and Security Shield.

Anyway, today we went back to our normal routine at the Prince's Trust. For me, that meant waking up at 7am, getting the 34 into St Helens, the 32/32A to North Road and then walking through Victoria Park to Windlehurst Community Centre. It was bloody freezing, this morning - apparently meteorologists are predicting more snow, which we clearly need. Still, it was sunny all day. Frosty in the morning and bitterly cold, but I noticed that crocuses were starting to burst into life here and there. Towards the end of the day, it was mild - almost pleasantly warm; one of those rare Goldilocks days that never fail to make me high.

We started with a team-building task, today; while we'd all been working independently for two weeks, we needed to get back into the swing of working together. A guy from the army called Doug came in to do a task with us that involved the group being split up into two teams, each with a stack of five tyres. The tyres were numbered and stacked in order - 5 at the bottom, 1 on top. We had to work together to get these tyres from one side of the basketball ground to the other. The rules...
  1. The tyres could only be dropped in three places - either end of the ground and on the white line in the middle.
  2. We could only carry one tyre at once.
  3. Tyres could not be stacked on top of a tyre with a lesser number (so you couldn't put 3 on 2 or 1, for instance).
  4. Wherever you placed the tyre, it had to go on top of the stack. You couldn't slot it on the bottom, for example.
I think that covers the rules. I hope you lot get it, because I was clueless. Only towards the end when things were getting a little more organised did I click on and come up with a strategy - after everyone else had already thought the same thing. This is what happens when you give me a problem solving task before noon!

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