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Look at the time. I haven't even managed a page yet. Maybe about two thirds of one. I've just sat here for hours, scribbling the occasional line and listening to music.

I should probably call it quits for tonight and have another go tomorrow. I seriously can't focus, tonight. Today's been so drab that I just want a new morning, a new day. I'll try to make an effort tomorrow to fight the boredom. Maybe then, my muse will come back.

It's worth mentioning that I would love to learn this song ('And You And I' - Yes) on guitar; the rhythm section that I could play to accompany vocals. I wouldn't mind doing the vocals, either; i'm not a brilliant singer but I'm not tone deaf and it doesn't stop me loving a good yodel!

Right, then. Now to tidy up for bed.
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I had a good auld chinwag with Laura before. We were on the phone for 47 minutes and now I have a really bad case of phone arm. It hurts quite a bit! Anyway, we've arranged to go out about St. Helens on Wednesday, so my era of boredom may not last for much longer.

This means I've only the gap of Tuesday to fill in. What to do on Tuesday... there's the usual, I suppose; take a bath, read, write, practise guitar and paint, but I could always go for a walk as well, drop in at the library ad finally apply for a card, sit and read a book in the grass at a park. If I took a flask and some food, I could stay out a little while, maybe write a bit as well.

There's my plan, then! Library, then walk to the park and have a little picnic while I read, write and get out of this bloody house.

I've set my alarm to 7AM, anyway, so I'll be up in plenty of time. For now, though, the main order of business is my novel.

I'd like to mention before I go that I've had a bit of a texting session with my Irish family:

Said session follows, beneath the cut... )
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I. Am. So. Bored. Seriously, I am. I've been back for five days, now, and all the time I've been at my house it's just been the four of us, sitting around doing bugger all. And now I'm realising that I can't live like this; not anymore. I have to get out somewhere, to do something. Maybe I could get a job.

Ooh, I have an idea! Laura phoned while I was away. I'll call her back, tomorrow. Or I could even phone her tonight.

What I need is to get a list of cheap, fun and accessible stuff to do. Stuff that gets me out, and that I could do with friends. We could go ice skating, for instance, or have a picnic. We could go walking, and visit the nature reserve at Formby. A few of us could join a drama society.

Right, I'm phoning Holly, as well. I'm going to ask her about Lowton's drama society.



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