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I'll get replying to your comments tomorrow, chaps, once I've had some much needed sleep. <3

I'm only just back in the house, having seen Jason off for the weekend. The initial plan was for me to go to his (or, to be more precise, Lee's – where he and his Mum are still staying) on Wednesday, then for him to sleep at mine Thursday, Friday and go home early Saturday, but since he's now only working two days a week he was done for the week on Wednesday and so there was a last minute change of plans.

That, and I think Lee has started to go out of his mind with the number of people always knocking at his door... )

Writer's Block: Night tremors

  • Oct. 27th, 2011 at 9:56 AM
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Thinking, mainly. I'm always thinking anyway and it's impossible to turn my brain off but at night, or when I'm enduring long bus or train journeys, my mind simply goes into overdrive. I think about Jason, university, writing, the day's events... and probably whatever else pops into my mind. When you can't sleep for thinking it's inconvenient, but I do get some pretty good ideas for stories when I'm thinking late at night. And I do pass out... eventually.

Next up, work and procrastination. Most students would probably agree. You've got 700 words to write on an essay and the deadline is tomorrow... stay up! You want to go to bed but LiveJournal is calling... check your f'list and wind up trawling the bowels of the Internet for funny macros about cats wearing ponchos.

And of course there's my sister Shannon, whose room I share. We're just as bad as each other, really - we talk into the wee small hours irrespective of what school or uni engagements we might have tomorrow. Usually the topic of choice is funny school stories, and I've got many. My high school was literally insane and Sixth Form gave me the most entertaining two years of my life. Plus her high school is full of bitches and odd people, so she always has something to contribute.

Last we have 'Rocketman' across the road. Nicknamed so because he has a Subaru that sounds like a flipping shuttle launch every time he turns the ignition. And he likes to drive at - shall we say, rather unconventional hours. *shakes fist at him*


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