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Goodbye, Kevin.

  • Feb. 21st, 2013 at 7:05 PM
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I lost one of my heroes yesterday. Kevin Ayers, founder member of Soft Machine, the Whole World, and all-round brilliant singer-songwriter, passed away at the age of 68. He was found at his home by a neighbour (he lived alone) and apparently had a note next to him which read 'You can't shine if you don't burn'.

So we've lost David Bedford, Lol Coxhill and now Kevin. I'm absolutely gutted. He was such an amazing man; his music inspired me, cheered me up when I felt low, it was like listening to a summer's day. I was so grateful to him for all the things he gave to the world and one day I rather wanted to tell him just how amazing I thought he was, and how much his music affected me. A lot of my novel has been written whilst listening to his work, both with bands and his solo stuff - several scenes were actually inspired by it. He himself inspired Lazuli quite a bit - the easy-going attitude, the decadent but charming nature. I owe Kevin an awful lot.

But one of the things I most admired about Kevin was that, unlike most musicians, he wasn't a slave to the music industry. He wrote from the heart, as well, with his unique imagination and whimsical nature showing through. He went where he pleased, lived exactly as he wanted and released music when he felt like it. So there was always something much more heartfelt about his work; you could feel him and his life in it - the wine, the sea, the Mediterranean sun, the love.

I don't really have the words to do him justice right now. The Guardian has a very good obituary up for him, as well as his last interview which shows the person he was pretty well. Maybe when I've had a few days to think about it I'll be able to write something better.

Rest in peace, Kevin. Hope the wine is flowing freely wherever you are. Oh and by the way, thank you very much.


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